Reed College Canyon

Translocation of Hyla regilla into the Reed canyon

author: Lee DelMonte Hallagan
advisor: Robert Kaplan
year: 2003

ABSTRACT: This thesis examines the use of species translocations in conservation. The translocation of Hyla regilla into the Reed canyon is used to illustrate the process. Prior to moving animals, the feasibility of such work must be assessed. First, knowledge of the biological constraints of the species should be compared to the environment into which it is being placed. Then it is proposed that an experimental measurement of the habitat suitability should be carried out. The suitability of the Reed canyon for Hyla regilla was assessed by measuring the effects the aquatic environment of the Reed canyon has on the early life history of the species. Field and lab experiments failed to find evidence that the Reed canyon is unsuitable. Therefore, as part of the restoration of the canyon's native biodiversity, Hyla regilla larvae were translocated from a nearby wildlife refuge into the Reed canyon.