Reed College Canyon

An Investigation of Aquatic Environmental Quality in the Reed Canyon Through Use of a Bioassay

author: Caitlin R. Cray
advisor: Bert Brehm
year: 1987

ABSTRACT: Water quality in the Reed Canyon Stream was investigated through use of a bioassay. Pollen from Impatiens sultanii was grown in a simple culture media containing boric acid, CaC12, and KH2P04 in distilled H2O (dH20) to determine standard % germination. To examine how water from the Canyon would affect pollen growth, dH20 was replaced with various concentrations of Canyon water, collected at four sampling sites. pH, of these sites, and of both test and control media, was recorded. % Germination was significantly lower in media containing Canyon water than in media prepared with dH20 only. A strong correlation between lower pH and increased germination was noted.