The Calligraphy Heritage at Reed

2003 Reunions Testimonials

reunions testimonials imageOne of the highlights of the 2003 Reed alumni Reunions, dedicated to calligraphy, was a remarkable exhibition of testimonials. Alumni and friends who had studied with Lloyd Reynolds and Robert Palladino were invited to demonstrate the influence that the classes had on their personal or professional lives. Graphic designer Georgianna Greenwood '60 envisioned the project and served as curator for the exhibition.

Video: 2003 Reunions Calligraphy Testimonials

A small sample of the more than 90 submissions is shown here; view the complete Calligraphy Testimonials in the Reed College Centennial collection, or read a writeup of the event in the 2003 edition of Reed magazine. Additionally, a Smithsonian webpage holds a tribute to Steve Jobs, with mention of the calligraphy courses at Reed.

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  • Susan Strasser '69
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