The Calligraphy Heritage at Reed

Lloyd J. Reynolds 1966 Festschrift

In 1966, Lloyd Reynolds was presented with a Festschrift, gathering 60 offerings from his friends, and spearheaded by Philip Whalen ’51. The collection included poetry from Gary Snyder ’51, James Dickey, William Dickey ’51, Carolyn Kizer, William Stafford, Dell Hymes ’50, Mary Barnard ’32, Vern Rutsala ’56, and Phil Whalen ’51, music from Jacob Avshalomov ’43 and Mark DeVoto, writings from Alfred Fairbank, Ray DaBoll, Byron MacDonald, John Cage, James Hayes, Clyde Van Cleve ’55, and Fr. Edward Catich, and art from Cindy Parker and Manuel Izquierdo.  

Below is a sampling of the images; the complete collection can be found on the Reed College collection.

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  • Fetschrift cover image
  • Robert D. Crowley image
  • William Dickey image
  • Harrison image
  • Izquierdo image
  • Nemoy image
  • VanCleve image
  • Jenny Hunter image
  • Ray F. Daboll image
  • Lou Harrison image
  • Monica Moseley-Pincus image
  • Crowley image