Business Office

Getting a bill

To whom and where will bills be sent?

Discuss with your parent or guardian strategies for sharing financial information before you come to Reed. As part of that discussion, determine where your bills should be sent and who may have access to your financial records.

The Billing Information & Release Form authorizes specific people to receive bills from Reed and serves as a release of financial information regarding a student's tuition account to people whom the student specifies. This form must be completed each year so that names, addresses, and emails are all kept up to date. Students must complete this authorization in order for the business office to send an e-bill and paper bill, and also to release detailed information about a student's financial account to parents, family members, trustees, or banks. We will not be able to release specific information over the phone or in writing to anyone who is not authorized in writing by the student.

Please complete this form online in IRIS. You can also print it out, complete it, and return it to the business office either in person or by fax to 503-788-6687.

Electronic bills (e-bills) are the official means of distributing student account statements, but we will continue to mail paper bills at the start of each semester. The first billing for fall semester is mailed mid-July; for spring semester, it is sent the first week of December. Students will receive an e-bill at their Reed email address. If the student has listed other individuals on the billing information form, they will also receive an e-bill, assuming that an email address has been provided. 

Our e-billing format breaks out Anticipated Credits into the following categories. 

Authorized Financial Aid: Students have met all eligibility requirements and the aid will disburse once the term begins. 

Memoed Financial Aid: Students have not met all eligibility requirements. To check for any Unsatisfied Requirements, click on the Financial Aid tab in Banner Self-Service and select Eligibility from the menu. Unsatisfied Requirements are listed under the Student Requirements tab. 

Memo Items: Tuition remission or a similar benefit from an outside institution for which verification of the amount to be paid to the college has been submitted to the business office. Memos only disburse to your student account when the funds are received by Reed College. 

The Statement of Financial Responsibility must be accepted in IRIS before registering. This statement outlines the student's personal responsibility for college charges assessed to their account.