Katie Reichard

Biology B12
503-777-7773 (fax)
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Teaching Responsibilities:
Biology 101/102: Introductory Biology


2020, PhD Neuroscience, University of Washington, Seattle

2012, BA Biology, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards

2018 Husky 100 Award

2018 AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science & Engineering Sponsorship

2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention

2013 NIH Poster Day “Best in Show” Award

2012 Phi Beta Kappa

2012 Colorado College Laboratory Biology Award

Teaching and Research Experience

2018-20 Course Instructor – Graduate Science Communication, UW College of the Environment

2015-20 Graduate Research Assistant – UW Pharmacology (lab of Dr. Charles Chavkin)

2017 Teaching Assistant – Neurobiology, UW Biology (Professor William Moody)

2016-19 Outreach Coordinator – UW Neuroscience Community Outreach Group

2013-14 Middle School Science Teacher – Center City Public Charter School Trinidad (6th-8th)

2012-13 Post-Baccalaureate IRTA – NIMH Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Lab of Dr. Barry Kaplan)

2011 Learning Assistant –Colorado College Quantitative Reasoning Center (Cell Biology - Professor Phoebe Lostroh)

2011 Summer Research Assistant and Thesis Student – Developmental Biology, Colorado College (Assistant Professor Nancy Huang)

2010 Summer Research Intern, NIMH Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Lab of Dr. Barry Kaplan)

Leadership and Professional Experience

2018–20 Diversity Committee Member, UW Pharmacology

2017–20 Policy Director, Scientists Advocating for Representation, Justice, and Equity

2017–20 Senator and Science Policy Committee Co-Chair, UW Graduate & Professional Student Senate

2014–15 Associate Course Producer, 2U Inc.

Selected Publications

Reichard KL, Newton KA, Rivera ZMG, Sotero de Menezes P, Schattauer SS, Land BB, Chavkin “Regulation of kappa opioid receptor inactivation depends on sex and cellular site of action.” Journal of Molecular Pharmacology (Accepted pending minor revisions August 2020)

Heymann G, Jo YS, Reichard KL, McFarland N, Chavkin C, Palmiter RD, Soden ME, Zweifel LS. “Synergy of Distinct Dopamine Projection Populations in Behavioral Reinforcement”. Neuron 2019 Dec. 

Abraham, A. D., Schattauer, S. S., Reichard, K. L., Cohen, J. H., Fontaine, H.M., Song, A. J., Johnson, S., Land, B.B., Chavkin, C. “Estrogen regulation of GRK2 inactivates kappa opioid receptor signaling mediating  analgesia, but not aversion“. Journal of Neuroscience 2018 Aug.

Schattauer SS, Land BB, Reichard KL, Abraham AD, Burgeno, LM. Kuhar JR, Phillips PEM, Ong SE, Chavkin C. “Peroxiredoxin 6 mediates Gαi protein-coupled receptor inactivation by cJun kinase“. Nature Communications 2017 Sept; 8(743).

Kar A, Sun CY, Reichard K, Gervasi NM, Pickel J, Nakazawa K, Kaplan BB. “Dysregulation of the axonal    trafficking of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial mRNA alters neuronal mitochondrial activity and mouse behavior.” Developmental Neurobiology. 2014 Mar;74(3):333-50.