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Student Project Ideas

(check back often as new ideas will be added)
(see previous ideas, some of which are still viable)

These pages include scientific ideas that supplement my own research interests. I provide a short summary and a few references but students are encouraged to propose independent ideas.

For additional project ideas, visit the Lab Members web page and see current student projects for both summer research and senior thesis research.


1. GENOME EVOLUTION (details):
1.A) Gene Duplication of Genomic Architecture of Adaptive Radiation *
1.B) Bioinformatic Analysis of Cichlid Genomes

2. MATERNAL BEHAVIOR: AFRICAN CICHLID Astatotilapia burtoni (details):
2.A) The Effect of Early Experience on Adult Behavior
2.B) The Influence of Metabolic Regulation on Maternal Behavior *
2.C) The Social Neural Circuit *
2.D) The Emergence of Leadership

3.A) Sex-Role Reversal *
3.B) RNA-seq may replace Microarray analysis. Are we ready?


(* indicates ongoing projects that are a main focus in our funded research programs)