Animal Behavior Websites

(THESE ARE CURRENT DRAFTS AS OF 11/23/2010 check back for updates)

Sentinel Behavior in Meerkats
         Amber Bang and Mischka Moechtar

Penis Fencing in Flatworms
         Amelia Munson and Megana Sankaran

Musth and Communication
         Andrea Padgett

Bluefin Tuna
         Lucy Sudekum and Colin Townes-Anderson

The Jewel Wasp
         Briana Patton and Lisa Schomaker

Songbird Signalling Behavior: Duetting
         Chris Galvin

         Jack Craig and Matt Yee

Fungal Farming in Leafcutter Ants
         Emily Crotteau

Electroreception in Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)
         Emily Fong

Bioluminescence in the Deep Sea
         Esther Ladizinsky

No Loners Here: Pack Behavior in African Wild Dogs
         Ella Gray

Sequential Hermaphoditism in Reef Fish
         Emily Zhang

The Life Cycle of the Lancet Liver Fluke
         Genevra M. Kuziel

The Aphid Farmers: An exploration of aphid/ant mutualism
         Graham Myers

The Immortal Jellyfish
         Geoff Derven

Slave Making Ants: Totalitarianism in Insect Societies
         Zina Jenny and Joseph Perry

The Secret Life of An Octopus: Cognitive Capabilities
         Katrina Gertz and Maria Zapetis

Bioluminescence in Dinoflagellates
         Caitlin Miller and Madeline Dansky

Ceratioid Anglerfish Mating
         Lauren Carley, Jessie Ellington, and Michael Turvey

Male Parasitism in Angler Fish
         Mikey Badr and Will Gester

Bioluminescence In Jellyfish
         Michelle Ichikawa

Dolphin Tool Use
         Sarah Wesley and Morgan Movius

Complex Cognition in Corvidae
         Nathaniel Raley

Michrochiropteran Echolocation
         Meg Moeller and Neil Evans

Eusociality in Naked Mole-Rats
         Isabel Cylinder and Quinn Amacher

Sexual Cannibalism and Mating Behaviors in Mantids
         Quinn Langdon and Katherine Thomas

UV Plumage and Female Mate Choice
         Rachel Baden

Octopus Mimicry Behavior
         Terra and Jason

Pacific Salmon Migration
         Frank Sosa and Wren Kominos-Marvell

Cuttlefish Chromatophores
         Lindsey Dono and E.T. Thornquist

The Song of the Gibbons
         Rebecca Shafer

Students have worked in pairs to create a website that summarizes the current scientific understanding of a specific animal behavior. These summaries include information relating to each of the four areas of animal behavior as outlined by Tinbergen (1963). Because some model organisms are more suited to specific types of research, some sites incorporate research from multiple organisms in order to discuss the ontogeny, mechanism, phylogeny and adaptive value of the specific animal behavior. Books, websites, and newspapers were used, but the majority of the information presented here is supported by primary literature.

These websites created with:
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