Animal Behavior Websites

----------- Posted December 2008 -------------------

Acoustic Mimicry in Anti-predator Paradigm
         Marion Burrill and Shreya Shrestha

Sexual Cannibalism in Spiders
         Dani Cardia and Charlie Morse

Chemical and Physical Fecal Defense Mechanisms in Insects
         Ross Young and Angie Wolski

Love Dart Shooting in Simultaneously Hermaphroditic Snails
         Charlene Grahn and Robin Steitz

The Naked Mole Rat
         Patricia Snarski and Holly Cho

Fish Schooling
         Peter Cawley and Sophie Mayer

Dynamic Mimicry in Cephalopods
         Molly King, Kavita Krishnakant and Katie Tanner

Synchronous Flashing in Southeast Asian Fireflies
         Matt Hagen and Laurel Oldach

Migration of Humpback Whales (Megaptera Novaeangliae)
         Advai Jukar and Laura Bradley

Hematophagy in Trichomycteridae
         Michael Weingart, Alyssa Gottschlich, Jessica Mathis

Social Grooming in Primates
         David Krueger and Lanlan Jin

Cooperative Breeding in Meerkats
         Dan Bernstein and Justine Spencer

Batesian Copycats and Mullerian Mimics
         Marisa Mirviss and Molly Radany

Students have worked in pairs to create a website that summarizes the current scientific understanding of a specific animal behavior.  These summaries include information relating to each of the four areas of animal behavior as outlined by Tinbergen (1963). Because some model organisms are more suited to specific types of research, some sites incorporate research from multiple organisms in order to discuss the ontogeny, mechanism, phylogeny and adaptive value of the specific animal behavior. Books, websites, and newspapers were used, but the majority of the information presented here is supported by primary literature.











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