Animal Behavior Websites

----------- Posted November 2007 -------------------

Mammalian Eusociality
            Laurel Brehm & Josie Griffin

Visual Mimicry in Cephalopods
            Matt Lehet & Aurelia Moran

Queen Succession in Honey Bees
            Alice Runkle & Laura Mulshine

Sex Determination in Fishes
             Ben Kessler, Xeno Acharya & Candice Kam

Prarie Vole Monogamy
            Claire Matturro & Catie Uram

Submissive Behavior
            Clare Parker & Natalie Morgenstern

Phermones in Mice
            Emmeline Chuu & My Linh Nguyen

Vocalization of Bottlenose Dolphins
            Helen Magee

Bower Birds Nature's Interior Designers
             Valerie Conrad & Hannah Smith

Orangutan Feeding Ecology
            Jonathan R. Sweeney

Parental Care in Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma darwinii)
            Kristy Gonyer

High Fidelity: Monogamous Behavior in Mammals
            Marjorie Nicholson & Kelsey Wood

Shell Selection in Hermit Crabs
            Erin Smith & Mathew Davis

Platypus Electroreception
            Meera Patel

Echolocation in Microbats
            Patrick Fink

Social Spiders
            Jenny Eng and Austen Brown

Child's Play: behavior of the domestic dog.
            Karla Schultz

Students have worked in pairs to create a website that summarizes the current scientific understanding of a specific animal behavior.  These summaries include information relating to each of the four areas of animal behavior as outlined by Tinbergen (1963). Because some model organisms are more suited to specific types of research, some sites incorporate research from multiple organisms in order to discuss the ontogeny, mechanism, phylogeny and adaptive value of the specific animal behavior. Books, websites, and newspapers were used, but the majority of the information presented here is supported by primary literature.











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