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----------- Posted December 2006 -------------------
Tameability and Domestication
    Alexandra H. Winters

NakedMoleRat! The mammal with insect behavior
    Tiffany A. Cook, and Doug T. Borst

Orca Song
    Jennifer M. Leonard and Noah G. Oppenheim

Bed Bug Bumping Booties
    Jonathan D. Packer and Julia B. Carleton

Animal Cannibals
    Angela M. Gibbs and Jayne T. Gaubatz

Dance Bee Dance
    Alison E. Mahan

Snake Venom
    Trevor M. Young

Unihemispheric/Monocular Sleep
    Amy E. Campbell and Daniel J. Denman

Defense Mechanisms of the Horny Lizard
    Christine A.L. Beckel

The Culture of Cetaceans
    Catherine A. Mingoya

    Emily A. Justusson

Elephant Infrasound Communication
    Georgia H. Kirkpatrick Lacy R. P. Lackey

Guiding Behavior in Greater Honeyguides
    Jamie T. McNellis

Humpback Whale Songs
    Laila R. Bryant and Kate H. Williams

Eggshell Removal in Shorebirds
    Molly E. Schumer and E. Jennifer Jin

Great White Shark Hunting
    Rachel K. Bond and J. Pablo Guzman

Psychoactivity of Cannabinoids
    Ryan T.C. Goehrung and Courtney M. Chapman

Magnetic Orientation
    Rebecca A. Susko

Arctic tern migration
    Seyram A. Butame

Lack of Taste Aversion in Vampire Bats
    William C. McNitt and Amanda C. Trail

Seasonal Fattening
    Natalie C.Vizcarra and Aroon S. Karra

Cick-kidnapping Behavior in Emperor Penguins
     Emily L.P, Kam and Garon Coriz


    Kamesh C. Regmi,

Bipedal Locomotion in Lizards
    Mikella M. Procopio  and Juliana M. Arrighi

taught by Suzy C.P. Renn