Gene Duplication

Gene Duplication events provide abundant genetic variation upon which evolution can act. The existence of large gene families attests to the importance of this process in the prodution of phenotypic variation. In this seminar course we will explore the mechanisms that produce duplicated genes, the models that explain persistence of duplicated genes, the evolutionary fate of duplicated genes, the role of gene duplicates in adaptive phenotypes and the lab techniques to identify and charaterie duplicated genes. The format will emphasize student lead discussion and includes a 3 week genomics lab experiment to identy gene duplicates among African Cichlid Species.

How do new genes evolve?
What happens to genes when they are duplicated?
Which genes are duplicated?
Is gene duplication "adaptive"?

After we gave read a few review papers and a collection of specific examples, students will read a current NSF-funded grant proposal of which the goal is to identify a role for gene duplication in the adaptive radiation of African Cichild Fishes.

Students will then go into the lab and preform Comparative Genomic Hybridization to identify gene duplicates in 4 fish species. After analysis of the data, students will write up their results to be integrated with the ongoing research projec.

The following reviews and example papers are meant to provide ideas and inspiration.
Students are not restricted to this reference list

Students will work in pairs.
Students will lead a discussion based on one primary research paper.
Students may also choose to suggest one related review for necessary background.

Review Articles
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Examples of Gene duplication studies.
Some of these are focused on one or a few genes while others take a genome wide approach to address patterns and others take a comparative approach between species.

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