Week 4 - Sept 24 & 25
Tools for Research Scientists

Link to Lab Statistics Handout

Link to Lab Website Assignment Handout


We are trying to do 3 things in one lab session. The following is a rough breakdown, but students are expected to attend the full lab.


1:00 - 2:00 Non-parametric Statistics.

Every student is expected to have worked the problem set by hand before lab. During lab we will go over the answers and the process. If these problems are easy for you, I will ask you to help other students during lab. Please use the worksheet provided. The following flow chart is an expanded version of the one in your handout. The statistical tests in gray are "non parametric tests" that we will be using in class to day. Those in black, are "parametric tests" which you should be familiar with from Intro-Bio.

2:00 - 3:00 Student presentations of Behavioral Observation at the Zoo (~ 5 min each).

These powerpoint presentations should be posted to the courses server prior to lab.

  • keep text to a minimum.
  • make every word on the slide be informative.
  • don't include extraneous graphics.
  • talk to your audience not your slides.
  • this is practice for student presentations, you will receive constructive criticism from the instructor and class members.

3:00 - 5:00 Website Design.

In lab handout download

Before lab
1- choose a partner
2- choose a topic
3 - bring at least 2 .pdf files for papers related to this topic
      each from different areas of behavioral research
4 - bring at least 2 images that you want to use on your website.
5 - identify 2 research labs that conduct research on this topic and know the url for their lab website.

Student teams will choose colors, fonts, and headings as well as create the basic pages for their website. We will learn to insert links, and images. The detailed description of the website assignment will be handed out in class prior to lab. During lab you will have detailed instructions for working in dreamweaver.


The statistics problemsets will not be graded, they should be used as a self test and a study guide. Mastery of this knowledge will be evaluated on exams, lab excercises, and independent projects.

Similarly there will be no evaluation as to how rapidly you master web design, but each team is expected to have a template saved on the courses server before the end of lab today.