Week 1 - Sept 2nd
Observation Methods Introduction and Expectations:

All Students (this is not an optional MOODLE) should find one primary literature research paper on Animal Behavior and post it. This is wide open. Choose anything you like; the idea is to explore the breadth of the field of animal behavior. I will draw from these papers (or similar topics) for lectures throughout the semester. Please post as soon as possible so that I know everyone has access to Moodle and the course website.

the syllabus.


Week 1 - Sept 4th
4th Guest lecture David Shepherdson.zooo

David Shepherdson is the Conservation Program Scientist at the Oregon Zoo. He focuses on environmental enrichment for zoo animals, the role of the zoo in conservation programs, and is involved in the science education goals of the zoo. David is currently an associate editor for the journal Zoo Biology, and is adjunct faculty at Portland State University. He will give a seminar-style lecture on the current research goals of the Oregon Zoo, and include discussion on methods in animal behavior research.

For an prelude to Davids talk skim through:
Swaisgood, R. R. and Shepherdson, D.J. (2005) Scientific approaches to enrichment and stereotypies in zoo animals: what's been done and where should we go next? Zoo Biology 24:499-518.

For a more general view of zoo research look at the examples in:
Hosey, G.R. (1997) Behavioural research in zoos: academic perspectives. applied Animal Behavior Science 51;199-207.

This paper provides good examples of zoo research. It might provide good ideas for the field trip next week and might raise questions that David Shepherdson can answer a lot better than I can, so try to read it before his visit.

Bassett, L., Buchanan-Smith, H.M. (2006) Effects of predictability on the welfare of captive animals. Applied Animal Behavior Science. 102:223-245.

Morgan, K. N., Tromborg, C.T. (2007) Sources of stress in captivity. Applied Animal Behavior Science. 102:262-302.

After Break:

Snowden, CT (2004) Significance of Animal Behavior Research.

Charles T Snowden wrote this summary of the field of animal behavior in 2004 when he was president of the Animal Behavior Society. This society has an excellent website with links to many current topics, meetings, and discussions that you might find interesting.