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We employ over 40 students, and many more Reedies volunteer with the program every year. Volunteering with Science Outreach is an excellent way to contribute to the program without the time commitment of a regular Outreach employee. Whether you are just short on time, or if aren't sure about teaching science to 10-year-olds, our volunteer program is a great introduction to the program.

In addition, competition for paid position can often be fierce. Volunteering for the program can provide an excellent pathway to a paid position in the future. Many of our Outreach volunteers have gone on to become regular Outreach employees within a semester or two of volunteering.

As a volunteer you can still work in several different positions.

Teaching Assistant Volunteer

You will be assigned to work with a team of 2-3 full-time Outreach teachers to help prepare and teach one or more hands-on science lessons to local elementary school students. Training, curriculum and all unit materials provided.

You can choose to just try teaching a couple lessons, or volunteer to teach regularly for the entire semester.

Outreach teaches at schools across the Portland Metro area. It is not necessary for you to find your own transportation to the school. The program will assign groups with at least one member who is willing to drive their personal car or a Reed van to the school

Material Prep Volunteer

Much of the work that makes Science Outreach possible happens behind the scenes. Volunteers play a critical part in keeping our teaching teams supplied with the materials they need to teach in the classroom. As a volunteer you will help to measure, assemble, and pack lesson materials. You may also be asked to disassemble and put away supplies at the end of a lesson and to help keep the lab space clean and organized. The tasks will be varied and you will be able to volunteer according to you schedule and availability.

Development and PR Volunteer

If you want to support the program, but know that teaching science isn’t your thing, you could help by spreading the word about the program. Projects will vary based on your interests; however, you may be asked to accompany a teaching team to photograph a lesson, to write posts for the Outreach blog, to write articles for the Quest or the Oregonian, or to keep the Outreach Facebook page updated and relevant. This volunteer position is very flexible. Much of the work can be done on your schedule!

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If you have any questions, please contact Siira Rieschl, Program Manager. 
phone: 503-788-6625, email:, office: B2 (in Biology basement)

Science Fairs

We also maintain a mailing list of students who would like to volunteer as judges or student mentors at local science fairs. Please click here to learn about opportunities and to add your name to the list.