Reed College Science Outreach

Curriculum Topics

We have been teaching in classrooms around Portland since 1996! Since 2011, we have focused on climate science curriculum. Below are some of the units that have been taught in the past:

Year Spring Curriculum Fall Curriculum
2011 Microbiology From Egg to Animal- Cell Biology, Genetics, and Animal Development
2010 Genetics and Biodiversity Part 2 Watershed Ecology
2009 Ecology Genetics and Biodiversity Part 1
2008 The Scientific Method Neurobiology
2007 A Life Cycle (Amphibian) Freshwater Ecology and the Johnson Creek Watershed
2006 Microcosmos Plants
2005 Field Ecology Genetics
2004 A Life Cycle (Amphibian)
2003 Neuroscience
2002 Plant Toxicology Cell Biology
2001 Amphibian Ecology Marine Zoology
2000 Microbiology Genetics & Heredity
1999 Extreme Plants! Neurobiology
1998 Animal Behavior/Plant Adaptations Cell Biology
1997 Cell Biology/Genetics & Heredity