Reed College Science Outreach

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Request a meeting with Siira

Siira maintains an open-door policy. Feel free to drop by their office in Bio 216 or the brand new (!!) outreach space in Bio 246. However, if you would like to guarantee that they will be available to meet, please request a meeting to add it to their calendar--even if you'd just like to chat!


Reserve the Lab or a Resource

The Outreach rooms and materials use a first come first serve basis. You can reserve Bio 246, or use Siira's office in 216 to meet. Remember that materials include everything from the program iPad to outdoor event tents. If you would like to reserve a room or resources ahead of time, you can email Siira at


Student Volunteering

You can learn more and get involved with volunteering for Science Outreach by checking out the volunteer application form.  

Student Handbook

Coming soon in Fall 2022(ish)!


Resource Library

Coming soon in Fall 2022(ish)!