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Reed Student Teaching & Lab Assistant Opportunities

Student demonstrates elephant toothpaste during a school fieldtrip.


Every year, we hire approximately 45 students to work in small teaching teams of two to four in public school classrooms. The Reed students do the majority of the teaching as they lead experiments in the classroom. A suggested curriculum is provided; however, students are also encouraged to work with each individual teacher to adapt the curriculum to fit the classroom's needs. The Reed student's participation in the outreach program teaches presentation and intercultural communication skills, provides hands-on teaching experience, and provides an unforgettable mentoring experience.

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Employment Opportunities

Teaching Positions

The Science Outreach Program hires Reed students to teach science experiments in local public school classrooms. We pay outreach teachers an hourly rate for time spent in the classroom and the weekly prep meetings prior to each unit. We organize transportation- most groups tend to carpool, though Reed vans are used when necessary. Drivers are paid for travel time and reimbursed for mileage. Groups are arranged depending on scheduling availability.

The commitment is a serious one. Most groups teach at least one sixty-minute class each week for 15 weeks during the school year. Many Reed students teach more than one class.  In addition to the hours spent teaching, trainings and a minimum of 1/2 hour per week is also required to organize and prepare before teaching in the classroom. All the schools are located approximately 15-40 minutes away so your schedule must allow time to get there and back. Ultimately, it must be understood that the kids and teachers count on the Reedies being in their classroom on time and prepared to teach.

The outreach program is worth the effort. The kids are great, the teachers are enthusiastic, and you are making a difference in their education and lives. If you are interested in science, teaching, or mentoring, then participation in the Outreach program is for you. This is a great opportunity open to all current Reed students.

Outreach Lab Assistant

While most of our student employees work to prepare and teach lessons in the classroom, there is also significant behind-the-scenes work that makes the program possible.

As a Science Outreach Lab Assistant you will work to prepare and maintain lesson materials, to maintain the Outreach lab space, and other duties and special projects as assigned. Tasks may include, but are not limited to making copies, cleaning and organizing supplies, assembling and disassembling equipment, measuring, mixing, and aliquoting chemicals and solutions.


Ready to Apply?

We are no longer hiring for paid positions for the 2021/2022 school year. Positions reopen September 2022. 

Volunteer Positions Available!

We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in the program,
but are too busy to commit to teaching for an entire semester,
or who would rather help in ways other than teaching.
Click Here for the 2021/2022 Volunteer Application
If you are interested in working for Science Outreach or if you have any questions please e-mail Siira Rieschl, Program Manager, at, call 503-788-6625.


"I was part of the Outreach Program my senior year, and I adored it. Such a fantastic opportunity to get teaching experience in a structured support group, and get paid for it! The lessons are designed so that the kids have a fantastic time learning, which makes participating in the program easy even for those that don't have prior teaching experience or a science background. The schedule was really amenable even during thesis work, and was just a fun way to spend a few hours a week. I wish I had found this program sooner in my time at Reed, so I encourage everyone to give it a shot!"

-Jennifer Scholz (Caamano) '12