Reed College Science Outreach

Science Outreach Application

2017/2018 Application 

See below for job descriptions & expectations.

Science Outreach is currently entering it’s 21st year of bringing hands-on, inquiry-based science to Portland elementary schools. Currently, the program employs about 30 Reed Students every year & we anticipate partnering with 6 schools.

As an Outreach teacher, you will work with 1-2 other Reed students and a public school teacher to teach one or more one-hour per week, hands-on science lessons for 15 weeks during the school year to local elementary school students. Training, curriculum and all unit materials provided.

Outreach teaches at schools across the Portland Metro area. It is not necessary for you to find your own transportation to the school; however, if you are Reed vehicle certified or if you have a personal vehicle that you would be willing to use for the program this would help greatly (you would be compensated with a mileage reimbursement). The program will assign groups with at least one member who is willing to drive their personal car or a Reed vehicle to the school.

 All majors are encouraged to apply!

Qualifications & Expectations

There are 4 types of paid positions available at Science Outreach: Beginning Teachers, Lead Teachers, Outreach Interns, and Lab Assistants.

For all teaching positions, enthusiasm for teaching children is essential. An interest in science and experience with education are helpful but not required.

Beginning Teachers

Qualifications: All Reed students and majors are welcome to apply!


  • Commit to reliable attendance for a minimum of one semester. Preference is given to students who can commit for the entire year. 
  • Attend all mandatory trainings & meetings.
  • Attend weekly ½ hour prep-meetings & participate in lesson preparation.
  • Show up on-time & ready to teach your class.
  • Turn in timesheets & paperwork on time.
  • Follow classroom instructor’s instructions & suggestions.
  • Schedule and attend evaluation meetings with Outreach coordinator.

Pay: Starting at $11.25 per hour

Time Commitment: On average 2-3 hours each week per class, plus additional trainings throughout the semester. 

Lead Teachers

Qualifications: Ability to lead a small group, haveconfidence in a classroom setting and to follow directions are required. Previous experience with Reed Science Outreach preferred but similar experience is also welcome. Sophomores and above are encouraged to apply.

Lead Teacher Expectations: In addition to the expectations for general outreach instructors, you will be expected to...

  • Attend Lead Instructor Training during week of Sept 4th (date/time TBD)
  • Help lead outreach training/orientation on Sun, Sept 18th.
  • Schedule and coordinate occasional check-in meetings with your classroom teacher.
  • Schedule your team’s prep meetings & help to facilitate prep meetings.
  • Help to coordinate logistics (insuring timely arrival at school, requesting additional supplies or support etc.)
  • Ensure that supplies are prepared, packed, and then returned in good condition for the next team.
  • Communicate regularly with your classroom teacher & Outreach coordinator.
  • Collaborate with other lead instructors.
  • Coordinate with and support volunteer instructors.
  • Lead teachers are encouraged to become Reed vehicle certified. (In an effort to limit use of personal vehicles, Science Outreach will begin transitioning to other forms of transportation in the upcoming years).

Pay: Starting at $11.75 per hour

Time Commitment: On average 3-4 hours each week per class, plus additional trainings throughout the semester. 

Outreach Interns


Creative, organized, passionate folks looking to learn how an Outreach organization runs, grows and flourishes. 

Pay: $11.25/hour

Lab Assistants

These students work to prepare and maintain lesson materials, to maintain the Outreach lab space, and other duties and special projects as assigned. Tasks may include, but are not limited to making copies, cleaning and organizing supplies, assembling and disassembling equipment, measuring, mixing, and alloquoting chemicals and solutions.

Pay: Starting at $11.25 per hour



Tip: There is significant competition for paid positions. Please take the time to thouroughly fill out the application and to follow all instructions. Also be sure to list as many available times as possible to increase your chances of finding a class that fits into your schedule. Alternatively, volunteering for the program can provide an excellent pathway to a paid position in the future. Many of our Outreach volunteers have gone on to become regular Outreach employees within a semester or two of volunteering. 

2017/2018 Application