Course Description

431 Contemporary Topics: Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Human Interactions

Half-unit course for one semester.  Ecological and evolutionary contexts of interactions between plants and humans. Potential topics include agricultural ecology, grazing, plant-resource extraction, crop evolution and their diseases/pests, plant breeding, transgenic species, and invasive plants.

Meeting time (Fall 2021):

Tuesday, 6:10 - 8 PM in B200A


Biology 101/102, two additional units of biology with laboratory, and junior or senior standing. Vascular Plant Diversity (Bio 332), Plant Physiology (Bio 322), Leaves to Landscapes (Bio 303) and/or Ecology (Bio 301) are all helpful foundational courses for topics we cover in this coursel.

Course staff:

The course is taught by Keith Karoly (Office - B240; phone - x7846; office hours by appointment; email [kkaroly at])