Bio 356: Genetics and Gene Regulation

Full course for one semester. The molecular biology of eukaryotes, particularly as it relates to the control of gene expression. Genome organization, packaging and perpetuation, and mechanisms of gene regulation will be treated in depth, with the focus on experimental approaches and what they reveal about the conversion of genotype to phenotype. The laboratory will emphasize molecular approaches to analysis of genomes and gene expression, which will then be used in independent projects. Prerequisites: Biology 101/102 and Chemistry 101/102. Chemistry 201/202 is recommended.

Meeting time

Lectures meet M W F 9:0-9:50 am in B19

Laboratories meet Th 1:40-5:20 or F 1:10-5 pm in B105

Course materials: These will be routinely provided by the course Moodle page or on the Courses server.

Course staff

The course is taught by Janis Shampay (Office – B226; phone – x7887; current office hours posted on door; email [shampay at])

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