Family: Boraginaceae
Common name: forget-me-not, borage family [Zomlefer, pp. 218-220]
Diversity: Worldwide: 100 genera; 2,000 species
U.S.: 22 genera
PNW (Hitchcock & Cronquist): 7 genera
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K Co(5) S5 P(2)
Sexuality: bisexual
Symmetry: actinomorphic
Inflorescence: cyme, usu. coiled ("fiddleneck")
Calyx (sepals): 5, separate or fused at the base
Corolla (petals): 5, fused, campanulate, or salverform
Androecium: 5, epipetalous
Gynoecium: 2 united carpels, superior ovary (=hypogynous), single style, axile placentation, ovary four-lobed, four chambers with one ovule each
Fruit: 4 nutlets or achenes (often fewer matured by abortion)
Other features: heterostyly present in the family

Vegetative Features
usually bristly with glandular hairs, round stems
Leaves: alternate, simple, entire, exstipulate
Life-history: annual to perennial
Habit: herbs, some shrubs, trees
Distribution & Ecology: temperate and sub-tropical areas
diversity centered in the Mediterranean
Some Northwest Genera: Amsinkia, fiddleneck
Cryptantha, cryptantha
Mertensia, bluebells
Myosotis, forget-me-not
Plagiobothrys, popcorn flower

Economic Importance
Ornamentals: garden ornamentals
Mertensia, bluebells
Myosotis, forget-me-not
Weedy and pest species:

Examples Boraginaceae Amsinkia
Boraginaceae Cynoglossum
Boraginaceae Mertensia
Boraginaceae Cryptantha
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