Course Staff

Faculty Lecturers (Bio 101 and Bio 102)

Bio 101 and Bio 102 are team-taught courses in which faculty present lecture and laboratory mateirals related to their areas of expertise. The following faculty regularly contribute to the course, though not all will teach in a given academic year.  For the list of faculty teaching during the current year, consult the moodle page (

Animal Behavior - Dr. Suzy Renn

Animal Physiology - Dr. Erik Zornik

Cell Biology - Dr. Derek Applewhite

Developmental Biology - Dr. Kara Cerveny

Ecology - Dr. Sam Fey

Genetics - Dr. Janis Shampay

Plant Evolution - Dr. Keith Karoly

Microbiology - Dr. Jay Mellies

Genetics & Genomics - Dr. Sarah Schaack

Plant Physiology - Dr. David Dalton

Departmental Associates

Dr. Carey Booth
Dr. Ned Knight