Helpful Resources

Laboratory Associates

Lab report rough draft review and other assistance

Carey Booth Office B12 503 777-7268
Record keeper: consult for signature for Adding or Dropping and grade information

Ned Knight Office B2 503 777-7783

Carey and Ned are available to all students no matter whose lab section you are in.

Carey and Ned are available for drop ins anytime their office doors are open, and they are not talking to someone else. Using the appointment websites below is the best way for you to see when they are available and to reserve a time that works for you. 

Make an appointment with Carey or Ned

To make an appointment, use Safari or Firefox or another web browser.

Go to or

(These links are also near the top of the course Moodle page.)

Click on the desired time slot.

Enter your name, email, and duration. Fifteen minutes is usually just right.

Confirm Booking.

We will get an email with the appointment details, and so will you.

If you change your mind, there is a link in the email to cancel.

Available hours for the following week will be updated before Friday at 5pm.


Generally available:

Carey in Office B12

Monday         10:30 am-3:00 pm

Tuesday         10:30 am-12:45 pm and 5:00-5:45 pm

Wednesday    10:30 am-12:45 pm and 5:00-5:45 pm

Thursday       10:30 am-12:45 pm and 5:00-5:45 pm

Not available Friday (except during lab), Saturday or Sunday


Ned in Office B2

Tuesday         10:30 am-12:45 pm

Thursday       10:30 am-12:45 pm


Carey and Ned are also available during lab (T-F 1:10-5) in B7 or B5 for quick questions (after 3 pm is best), but for their undivided attention, please use office hours.