Finding A Mate:

Diverse, Sonorous, and Colorful Mating Strategies

Manakin on branch
Figure 1. A Band-tailed Manakin sitting on a branch
Manakins are a group 42 small and colorful passerine bird species from the family pipridae that dwell almost exclusively in wet, tropical areas of Central and South America (Schlinger, 2001). Passerine birds are colloquially known as ‘perch birds’, and belong to the Passeriformes order, which includes over half of the world’s different bird species. (Barker, 2002). The birds are known for their elaborate courtship displays which involve an amazing, coordinated repertoire of wing-snaps, cooperative duet dancing, and song. Our site hopes to introduce readers to the evolution, mechanisms, and development of Manakin displays and mating behaviors in general.

Tinbergen's Four Questions as Lenses for Understanding Behavior

Manakin on branch