Lecture Schedule Fall 2013

Textbook: Taiz and Zeiger, Plant Physiology, 5th edition
available as an eBook via CourseSmart

Additional texts:
Buchanan, BB, W. Gruissem, and R. L. Jones,  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants
Chabot, B. F. and H. A. Mooney. Physiological Ecology of North American Plant Communities
Jones, R. et al. 2012. The Molecular Life of Plants

Lectures are held from MWF 11:00-11:50 a.m. in B19. 
Lab meets Tues or Wed afternoon from 1:10-5:00 PM in B219. Lecture handouts and Powerpoint files are available from the Courses AFS Server.

Date Topic Reading
9/4-9/6 ecophysiology: Pacific NW forests
ecophysiology: general aspects
stress physiology    
Lassoie et al. AND Waring & Franklin (on Moodle)
T and Z: Chap. 26
9/9-13 thermodynamics, ATP
proteins, enzymes
Chap. 2 (Fourth edition)
(on Moodle)
9/16-20 membranes and cell structure
physical chemistry of water relations
Chap. 1 and 6
Chap. 3
9/21 all day field trip  
9/23-27   overview of metabolism
respiration – glycolysis, fermentation, TCA cycle
Chap. 11
9/30 and 10/4
respiration - electron transport
mid-term no. 1
Chap. 11
10/7-11 photosynthesis- light reactions
photosynthesis - dark reactions
Chap. 7
Chap. 8
10/14-18 photosynthesis -  - C3 and C4
photorespiration, oxygen toxicity
Chap. 9
Chap. 8
10/19-27 fall break  
10/28-11/1 lipids and other plant products
secondary plant products
plant pathogenesis
Chap. 11
Chap. 13
Buchanan et al. 1102-1156
11/4-8 polysaccharides and cell walls
soil and uptake of ions, mineral nutrition
Chap. 15
Chap. 5
nitrogen metabolism
mid-term no. 2
Chap. 12
11/18-22 nitrogen fixation
transpiration, gas exchange
Chap. 12
Chap. 4
11/25-29 translocation in the phloem Chap. 10
12/2 -6 plant growth and development
plant hormones
Chaps. 17-25
12/9-11 genetic engineering, biotechnology Chap. 2 (5th edition)