Lecture / Lab Resources

Handouts, class datasets, lecture and lab images, and other course materials will be at moodle.reed.edu for registered Bio101/102 students.

Appointments with Carey Booth or Ned Knight

Carey and Ned are available to all students no matter whose lab section you are in.

Go to https://careybooth.youcanbook.me or https://nedknight.youcanbook.me.

Detailed appointment instructions and general availability.

The Biology Science Center (website)

Open Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs from 7 - 9 PM in the Intro. Bio. Labs. B5/B7. The Biology Science Center is staffed with student tutors who are available to assist you with questions about the course material. The lab computers in B5 and B7 are also available for working on lab reports; especially useful if you are working on a group-assignment. Check the online schedule to learn which tutors are staffing the center each evening.

The Writing Center (website)

The Writing Center is open Sunday-Thursday evenings in the Dorothy Johansen House. Their web page includes links to information on both Biology and Scientific Writing.

The American Chemical society also has an online publication, the ACS Style Guide. While the examples are from chemistry, they give excellent advice about scientific writing style.

The Levine Quantitative Skills Center (website)

The Q Center provides academic support for students who wish to develop their quantitative skills for courses in the social sciences, natural sciences, and math. They are open for drop-in tutoring Monday-Friday 4-11 PM in the Dorothy Johansen House. Check their online schedule if you want to work with a tutor who specializes in science courses.

Lab Data Collector (website)

Follow this link to our web-based site for entering class data sets.

Academic Software (website)

Students can download many of the software applications used for the Bio 101/102 course. You can restrict your search among the available titles to only those that are Biology Courseware. Some applications are available for only one OS, other have several versions available.
General information about using Reed licensed software is available here. You will need to log in with your Kerberos password to gain access to the software download site.

AFS Courses Server (website)

The Courses Server will be used to turn in lab report pdfs to the Lab Report Drop Box and to upload datasets to the Data Drop Box. The Bio Binder information is also here. This link points to a web interface. To get to the Courses Server from the campus network, see instructions at http://www.reed.edu/cis/help/afs/servers.html With both the web and network access, you will need to know your log-in name and password.

Trees of Reed College (website)

This web site provides access to a database maintained by the Physical Plant which describes all of the tree species planted as part of the main campus landscape. The site includes both maps for learning the identity of a tree whose location is known, a searchable index to find a particular species of tree on campus, as well as information about trees that have been planted as memorials.

Reed College Canyon (website)

The Canyon is part of the Johnson Creek Watershed and an important biological resource for both the campus and the Portland Community. The Canyon pages include information about the history, physical setting, flora, and fauna of this beautiful area on campus.