Works and Days

Off Quad Rule: Part 9


After a week of writing up a precise yet thorough protocol, I am getting to unwind after all the unpacking and driving. It took a few showers and a haircut to really feel like I got that signature ‘wet-lab’ film off, but I am finally back at home grazing and keeping cool.


Blueberry scones

I am still in correspondence with the lab, but it is the usual email to clear up any last questions and I’m looking forward to getting updates on how the rest of the one to five year study is going to go and what new plans are cropping up. No matter how many collections, assays, blots, and experimental tests you run, there is always more to come.


Gata Bread

I am craving this badly.


Malaga Rum Raisin gelato

I really enjoyed the work I did this summer and got to work with a lot of new materials, and I’m thankful for the opportunity. I look forward to discussing it in greater length and detail when I return, and hopefully get to ask my own questions about what you have been up to. Until then…



Yours truly,

Emma (‘16)

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