Works and Days

Welcome to Works and Days

Works & Days is a blog created to highlight the adventures of Reed students and alumni in the world that lies beyond campus. By featuring first-person experiences in externships (job shadows), internships, work during the school year and during breaks; through engagement with the Portland community, with the northwest, and far beyond, Works & Days may be a How To and sometimes might tell a cautionary tale. Lessons learned, challenges overcome, amazing experiences longed for and unanticipated will make their way to this blog.

For our first outing, we feature posts from current students doing summer internships and fellowships. The stories come from eight Reedies who competed for and won Reed's Presidential Summer Fellowship awards and from eight students who were hired from pools of their Reedies for summer internships sponsored through the Reed College Summer Internship Advantage Initiative.

Soon to come: interviews with alumni, parents, and friends of Reed working in amazing jobs. Everyone has a story, and we will be ferreting out those with lessons to pass along to Reedies.

Welcome. Enjoy! Thanks for reading.

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