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Commerce Kitchen, Sofi Wright, Ch 2

PREVIOUSLY on Sofi’s adventures in Denver: Sofi started as an intern at Commerce Kitchen, a web development and marketing company that is actually a group of superheroes. Her task, along with her fellow Reed intern Rebecca, was to research and produce what is known in the industry as “linkbait”—any online content cool enough that people will want to post links to it—a strategy for content marketing and search engine optimization. She was in the midst of creating a linkbait project when we left her last…

Something More Than Your Average Linkbait

Some weeks ago, we had our idea for a linkbait: drink recipes inspired by file format extensions (JPG, TXT, etc.)—it was nerdy and reflected the interests of Commerce Kitchen. We initially wanted to make it an infographic, but after a number of discussions on how best to promote the idea, it evolved from a simple online posting into something much bigger: a multi-week drink-making competition between local start-ups.

This was well beyond the scope of our original linkbait plans, but it gave us an opportunity for some new experiences: Rebecca and I learned the ropes of business networking, through reaching out to other startups and even meeting some representatives at a schmoozing event.  We also gained insight into the process of designing a website, working with CK’s designer to plan the layout (“wireframing,” to use the proper lingo) and visualize the aesthetic for the event’s webpage.

Hard Lessons Learned

Basically, the project got too big for us to handle. It became apparent that, as summer interns, we did not have the resources, skills or time to manage a campaign of the size that this event needed to be to be of the most value to CK. So we laid the foundation for this project, which the company will go through with in the following months, but we won’t be around to see it.

Rebecca and I moved on to planning an infographic for one of CK’s clients, which ended up manifesting as an infographic on biking in Seattle. The result looks really great and I’m glad that we got to see this one through to final creation.

Fun Along the Way

It hasn’t been all work; Rebecca and I have had some fun adventures exploring Denver. We dressed up fancy and went for high tea. I’ve gone running to some of the many parks in Denver (a different route every run!). Our boss took us to see the Hunger Games in an outdoor movie theater in the foothills (part of a summer series called Film on the Rocks—I would recommend it as a must-do experience for anyone in Denver during the summer). In our final weekend, we made a day trip to Boulder to meet up with a coworker, go inner-tubing down the creek and watch an aerial performance that was part of the annual Aerial Dance Festival. I’ve seen almost as many new experiences off the job as on!

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