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We believe that successful careers start by identifying work that aligns with your values and passions. CLBR offers a unique advising model that encourages students to begin their career pathing by first identifying their Community of Purpose. 

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Each Community of Purpose is assigned to an advisor with in-depth knowledge of that community to ensure a well-rounded advising experience for each student. Advisors are available for guidance on career pathing, job applications, fellowships, professional school, and more!

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Healthcare & the Cure of Illness Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy Arts & Expression
Research, Tech, & Innovation Investing & Financial Responsibility Globalization & Diplomacy
Citizenship & Community Living Sustainable Life on Earth Education & Human Potential


Communities of Purpose Summaries

Healthcare & the Cure of Illness

The human body and all its vulnerabilities present an ongoing multifaceted range of challenges for those drawn to fixing that which is broken, out of balance, dis-eased. Physicians, nurses, physiatrists, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, body workers, many more specialties and occupations make up the Healthcare and the Cure of Illness community.

 Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy

The diversity among professional interests and ideas drives our business leaders to continuously create new ventures and innovations. Through a deep analysis of local and global markets, companies are constantly being built to meet the needs of the consumer. By understanding one’s purpose, students are able to explore what strengths they have and apply them when searching for an appropriate and befitting occupation within these business structures. These unique professions have allowed many of our own Reedies to engage in these markets to not only create value for the consumer but impact the world through meaningful work in the Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy community, including

Arts & Expression

The drive to make, build, express through any type of creative venture, including supporting the makers and builders, defines the Arts and Expression community. Engagement may take many forms, and evidence of those engaged is all around us.

Research, Tech, & Innovation

The desire to dig more deeply, understand why, connect dots, understand taxonomy, journey to the core of knowledge, profoundly improve and break ground through automation, animation, systems design, technical innovation, tell stories from data, and detailed study of all types is the broad brush stroke of the Reedies who influence the Scientific Research, Technology, and Innovation community.

Investing & Financial Responsibility

The confluence of finance and big data, capital generation, asset creation and management, sustainable and socially responsible investing, commercial gain, and supporting ethical marketplaces are elements of Reedies purposeful work in the Investment and Financial Responsibility community,

Globalization & Diplomacy

As members of a highly connected international community, issues of peace, development, and security become more complex and pressing every day. Those drawn to this global focus work in geopolitics, national identity, intellectual property, mapping, boundaries, negotiation, diplomatic corps, embassy personnel, food and water access, and disaster and war relief, etc.

Citizenship & Community Living

Cooperation, shared ideals, embracing creativity, solid leadership, responsibility taking, groups creating a structure by which life and work can happen. Making laws, making and keeping a community beautiful, creating and maintaining democracy, making a community that is safe and welcoming to all. These are ideals and an overall vision of Citizenship and community living.

Sustainable Life on Earth 

Reed alumni are caring for the Earth, giving back what is taken in the practice of commerce, incubating ideas that create better ways to produce, process, approach a myriad of products and affects. Healing that which is set awry by inattention or intent, define the work of the community whose purpose lies in Sustainable Life on Earth community, including

Education & Human Potential

Exploring that which the mind can learn, comprehend, do is the seat of the Education and Human Potential community. Working with potential and with challenge, imagining what is possible and helping make that which could be manifest is the work of this community.

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