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Winter Shadows FAQ for Students

How do I get a Winter Shadow?

Review the available Shadows. Identify the five opportunities that interest you most and follow the application steps listed here. The Center for Life Beyond Reed will review your application and make matches based on interest and strength of application. 

May I contact a sponsor?

No, we don't include the sponsor's contact information in the winter shadow posts, and we urge you not to contact them. We do this to try to make the application process more fair.

Does Reed pay for travel, housing, or any of my Shadow related expenses?

Winter shadows are unpaid opportunities and we encourage you to use the Alumni Directory and Reed Switchboard to attempt to find housing if you need it. Please contact the Center for Life Beyond Reed if you want advice on how to ask for help.

We also have a limited amount of need-based funding available through the generosity of alumni and trustees, dedicated to Winter Shadows. In the application for winter shadow, you'll have the opportunity to apply through the Career Advancement Fund (CAF) for aid of up to $600. If you plan to apply for this aid, please indicate this in your Winter Shadows application. CAF budget requests will be made concurrent with tentative match notifications on October 19, 2017. You will then have until October 24, 2017 to submit your budget and be notified of final CAF decisions by October 26, 2017. 

How many students will a shadow take?

Some shadows are for more than one student. Those say so in the post. If a shadow doesn't say how many students it will take, assume it is one. However, some of those sponsors may choose to accept more than one student once they have the applications.

How do I accept my Shadow?

When you have been awarded a Winter Shadow, you will receive an email from the Center for Life Beyond Reed with your next steps. You will also need to print out the Winter Shadow Student Agreement and bring it to Prexy. See the website for the Winter Shadow timeline. IMPORTANT: when you receive notice of your shadow, please reach out immediately and introduce yourself to your shadow sponsor!

What are my responsibilities as a Winter Shadow recipient?

  1. Work directly with Shadow sponsors and/or hosts on logistics in a timely fashion
  2. All accepted Winter Shadow participants must attend the Winter Shadow prep session
  3. Complete the post-Shadow survey and mail a thank you card to your sponsor

Where will I stay during my Shadow?

Some Winter Shadow sponsors DO offer housing. Reed does not provide housing for shadows. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to secure housing and to get yourself to the Winter Shadow. As noted above, you will have the opportunity to apply to the CAF for help with housing and travel costs if you need it.

I’ve accepted a Shadow, and I’m nervous about it!

First, congratulations, and we understand; a Winter Shadow onsite with a parent, alumnus, or friend of Reed is huge! This experience is a great opportunity to get close to a profession and professionals for a short period of time. Approach it with an open mind. You might end up at work on a project, or you might primarily observe and listen in. Be accepting of either situation and pay attention; you will definitely learn something. You may discover that you love the field/occupation, or you might realize that you hate it. Both outcomes are useful. Be open-minded, curious, respectful, and interested, and you’ll have a good experience. How do we know? Because students who have engaged in Shadows told us!

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours 

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours are on hiatus for the summer and will return for fall semester. CLBR is open all summer and you can schedule appointments with an advisor.


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