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Dawn Teele '06

Watson (Thomas J Watson) Fellowship

Project Description

In Sri Lanka, India and Thailand I studied the relationship between international development organizations and the communities they serve by looking at local level involvement reconstruction projects tied to the 2004 Asian Tsunami. I also traveled to Guatemala to learn about disaster relief in areas affected by mudslides and hurricanes. The main intuitions that stemmed from my project are two-fold. First, international aid organizations that operate in a locale far from the affected site are more likely to fund superfluous or unwanted projects than organizations based on-site and operated by local people. Second, aid organizations have incentives and time-horizons that may not be well-suited for long term human and economic development goals. In particular, the importance of the "burn rate" in program assessment (a measure of how quickly funds are allocated and spent) is a poor indicator of project success. These observations point to fundamental problems in the structure and implementation of international aid programs, if not their intention, and suggest the need for reform of this very large, lucrative industry.

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