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Undergraduate Research Committee (URC)

The Undergraduate Research Committee is a faculty committee composed of professors from across disciplines whose mission it is to support student research and opportunities. We give out competitive fellowships and awards for student and student-faculty collaborative projects throughout the academic year and summer. Committee members hold office hours where you can ask questions as you develop your application. We look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your ideas.

Office Hours for Fall 2023 

For logistical questions, contact Meg Andrews, URC administrator,, Physics 128. Office Hours Monday: 2:00pm-3:00pm, Tuesday 11:00am-noon.

For guidance on URC grant applications, contact Michael Pitts, URC Chair,, Pychology 120. Office Hours.

URC Grants and Fellowships

Below are the grants and fellowships that the URC oversees. Visit each webpage for full details and application requirements.

Evan Rose Fellowship: The purpose of this program is to support a summer research project or internship related to urban design and/or architecture.

Initiative Grant: The purpose of this program is to enhance thesis research opportunities for students by providing modest support for research expenses.

Mason Opportunity Fellowship: The purpose of this program is to support first and foremost research work related to the Reed canyon. All majors are eligible.

Opportunity Grant: The purpose of this program is to provide support to undergraduate students in pursuit of academically valuable and pertinent opportunities that arise.

Post Reed Opportunity Grant (PROG): The purpose of this program is to provide support to recent graduates in pursuit of academically valuable and pertinent opportunities that arise within one year of graduation.

Reed Arts Grant Experience (RAGE): This fellowship supports students from the Division of the Arts who seek to engage in original and independant arts history, theory, and/or practice research during the summer.

Reed College Science Research Fellowship: The purpose of this program is to facilitate and financially support summer research by teams of Reed College faculty and students.

Ruby-Lankford Fellowship: The goal of this grant program is to spur and support interactive summer research engagement of students and faculty in the Humanities.

Summer Opportunity Fellowship Award (SOFA): The purpose of this program is to expose Reed students to new environments and opportunities not available on campus.

Best practices for applying to any URC grant

  • Your proposal should articulate the stakes of the project.
  • Include evidence that supports claims in your proposal.
  • Carefully read the grant web page. Make sure you address all items listed there. 
  • Do not submit a cover letter or additional materials unless they are specifically requested.
  • Put your name on all application documents; label documents with your last name and grant name.
  • Make sure the math on your budget is correct. 
  • The Institutional Review Board must approve of any project involving the use of human subjects. If you are unsure if your project requires IRB approval, talk to your advisor.
  • Your faculty sponsor needs to review your application. Make sure you give them enough time to review your applicaiton materials and to write your recommendation letter. 

Sample proposals

Past successful applicants have allowed their proposals to be used as examples for future students. Names have been redacted along with résumés and recommendation letters. Even if there isn't a proposal that matches your major, these proposals will help you get a better understanding of what a successal propsosal looks like.

Evan Rose Fund

Reed Arts Grant Experience (RAGE)

Reed College Science Research Fellowship (RCSRF)

Ruby-Lankford Fellowship

Summer Opportunity Fellowship Award (SOFA)