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Summer Collaborative Research Grants in the Social Sciences (Corbett and Goldhammer)

Alta S. Corbett Grants for Research in Political Science

Bernard Goldhammer Grants for Research on Economics and Natural Resources

The Corbett and Goldhammer Grant Programs are intended to support collaborative research projects by Reed faculty and students. Under unusual circumstances, more than one student may be involved in a single project with a faculty member, but one-to-one is the normal format. For information on student and faculty stipends, please contact the Chairs of Economics or Political Science.

Any faculty member who is continuing at Reed (or on sabbatical or leave) for the following fall semester is eligible to apply. Incoming faculty may be considered if they are in residence at Reed over the summer. Student collaborators must normally be returning to Reed (or going on an approved study abroad program) for the following fall, however, applications involving graduating seniors will be considered when the reasons for choosing a graduate are compelling. Juniors should note this program is not intended as an opportunity to begin work on the senior thesis during the summer. Grant applications involving juniors will be asked to explain the relationship between the proposed research and the anticipated thesis. Students who have previously received a grant from the Corbett, Goldhammer or Ruby program may not apply for these grants.

Please acknowledge the contribution of this grant program as follows and alert Julie Shannon about any published research, reports or additional grants that include this acknowledgment:

This work was partially supported by the (Alta S. Corbett) (Bernard Goldhammer) Summer Collaborative Research Grant Program at Reed College.

Selection and requirements

Selection will be based on the quality of the proposed project, its relevance to the aims of the grant program(s), and the perceived academic benefit to the participants. The research team is required to produce a final written research paper or presentation.

The application for a student/faculty collaborative research grant consists of four (4) parts:

  1. A cover sheet that includes the following information: title of project; date of application; name and title of faculty participant; name, major and expected date of graduation of student participant(s); and a brief abstract of the proposed project.

  2. A proposal describing the hypothesis to be examined in the research, the methods to be used, the potential significance of the results for political science, what tasks are to be performed, respectively, by the student(s) and faculty member, a timetable for completion and a proposed budget.

  3. A statement from the faculty applicant:
    a. describing how the proposed research relates to his or her previous research activities and to his or her long-term research goals, and
    b. supporting the qualifications of the student applicant(s) for the project.

  4. A statement from each student applicant describing:
    a. how previous study has prepared them for this research,
    b. how the research fits into the student’s academic program and longer-term goals, and (for juniors) what, if any, relationship the research will bear to the student’s senior thesis.

In order to be considered for funding in the summer, a complete application should be submitted electronically before 12 noon on Friday of Week 6 of Spring Semester, to Julie Shannon at Late applications will not be accepted. Award decisions will be made by a committee appointed by the chairs of the Political Science and Economics Departments. Applicants will be notified as soon as a decision has been made, usually within three weeks.

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