The Center for Life Beyond Reed

Employer Engagement Events (E3)

Sponsored by the Center for Life Beyond Reed

Employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and alumni from local and national companies interested in engaging Reedies


This event is a combination of pre-arranged small group conversations between students and employers and open networking.

  • Employers host a pre-determined number of 20-30 minute small group sessions for up to four students at a time
  • Students may choose up to five employers and CLBR will make the matches
Registration for the next Employer Engagement Event will open in early spring.

To participate, students are required to:

  1. Attend one of three prep sessions held in Prexy before the event. You will choose your session during the registration process. If you are unable to make any of the three sessions, please describe your situation and the Center for Life Beyond Reed will follow up with you to make other arrangements.
  2. Upload a current resume. A member of the CLBR staff will contact you before the event to provide feedback and give you an opportunity to make edits before your resume is shared with employers. 


Profiles of attending employers and organizations will be detailed on this page closer to the next activity.

If you are an employer interested in attending, please contact Brooke Hunter, assistant director for strategic partnerships and employer relations, 503.788.6698


Aaron Ilika
Head of Customer Support


I'm a liberal arts graduate who has transitioned to a career in tech.

Blake Rosenthal '15, Data Engineering, and Drew Garcia '16, Advocacy, are joining me.


Critical thinking skills, data/text analysis, genuine curiosity and drive.


Adam Peter '03
Director of Marketing


Adam graduated from Reed in ‘03 and has spent the past decade working in marketing and consulting for companies big and small in both the B2C and B2B spaces. At Adpearance he directs strategy for some of the company’s largest clients, and leads Adpearance’s internal marketing department. In additional to his degree from Reed, he also has an MBA from Vanderbilt University. 


At Adpearance, we believe in hiring bright, smart people and giving them the chance to prove themselves. The traits of successful employees across our teams are pretty consistent: curious, organized, self-motivated, ambitious and fun. You are an ideal candidate if: 1) You have a strong academic record. You read that right. We care about your GPA. Tell us about all the nerdy details. Summa Cum Laude. Chess club president. Yearbook editor. 2) You get things done. Issues are addressed before they become problems. You’ve heard the phrase, “Wow, you’re fast” more than a couple of times. 3) You like making people happy. You get an endorphin rush when you get someone what they need. You like to help out and be a part of a team.

APEX Clearing

Chris Fesler '96 & Chris Cortez
CTO & VP Engineering


As Chief Technology Officer for Apex, Chris is in charge of all technology strategy and architecture across Apex. He has an active hand in developing all of Apex tools and technology


Apex seeks employees with relentless curiosity, quality work ethic, history of academic success. Ability to clearly communicate complex results. Relevant course work in CS, economics, data science, statistics

Cascade Data Labs

Josh Levin
Founder/Data Scientist


I am the founder of a start-up agency specializing in data science and engineering looking to connect with local talent interested in internships and full-time opportunities


In summary looking for candidates with analytical discipline in their thought process, with demonstrated proficiency or potential to program in SQL and Python, and the ability to distill complex ideas into intuitive visualizations. We're a start-up consultancy so candidates must also be highly motivated to grow their skills and careers.

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Sita Khalsa
HR Business Partner


I started with the organization more than 6 years ago as a Residential Counselor and currently work in the HR department leading the recruitment team. 

The mission of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is to provide healing, homes and hope for people living with mental health and addiction challenges. We envision a future where everyone with mental illness or addiction will receive integrated healthcare, experience well being, and have a full life in the community.


QMHA: BA degree in a behavioral science (i.e. Sociology, Psychology, Social work, human services, cultural anthropology, community health) or 3 years of work experience in the mental health and/or addictions or a combination of education and paid work experience.

Fisher Investments

Tiffany Schroer
Recruiting & Events Specialist


Tiffany Schroer has worked at Fisher Investments for over four years. She started as a Client Services Associate, then earned opportunities in the Private Client Acquisition and Human Capital orgs. Currently she works as a Recruiting and Events Specialist and sincerely enjoys speaking to candidates who embody values we seek at Fisher Investments.

Fisher Investments is a true meritocracy. We reward employees based on exemplary performance, a “will do” attitude and consistent contributions that lead by example. Fisher Investments focuses on developing human capital and identifying talent within the firm. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our managers are promoted from within. Building breadth and depth in our employees is of utmost importance to the continued success of our firm.


We are looking for talented individuals to join us in our San Francisco Bay, Dallas-Fort Worth and Portland, Oregon Metro Area offices.


Catherine Teebay & Jeanette Shaw
Program Manager/Director of Government Relations


Forth is a non-profit public-private partnership founded to promote, support, the electric vehicle industry and to increase the adoption of clean transportation options in the Pacific Northwest. Zach leads Forth’s mobility programs bringing together collaborators and stakeholders to design and lead clean transportation projects. Zach has an MBA from Marylhurst University. Jeanette Shaw, Director of Government Relations, joins Zach.




What we look for: For program interns, we look for strong writing and communication skills, acute attention to details, interns who enjoy engaging with the public and working on educational outreach, an interest in electric vehicles, advanced transportation and associated technologies, equity, and nonprofit management. We also look for interns who are enthusiastic and bilingual--specifically, individuals who are fluent in languages more often spoken in underserved communities in Portland like Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese. For full-time positions we look for many of these same qualities, but the specific position dictates what additional qualities we are seeking.


Josh Hoak '08 & Phil Quitslund '92
Software Developer & SE Site Lead


Join two Reedies who work for Google. Josh is Seattle-based and Phil is in Portland. They'll both be at the same table for the event.

Josh: I was a math major at Reed (Class of '09). After I graduated, I improved my CS skills by taking a year of classes at PSU. After that, I moved to Boulder and got a job at a startup optimizing ads. A year later, I applied to Google and I have been working here ever since (6 years so far).

Phil: In '88 I moved to PDX from Boston for what I expected to be a short stop but have been here ever since. After graduating in Philosophy in '92, I played in bands, waited tables, washed dishes and generally goofed around before going back to school in CS, first at PSU then OGI where I did a bunch of research around programming languages and developer tools before landing a job doing the same for a small PDX-based developer tool company (Instantiations). We were acquired by Google and have been happily there working on developer tools for the last 7+ years: spending the last ~6 working on the Dart programming language, most recently with a focus on supporting a new mobile app SDK called Flutter. Besides my day job as an engineer, I also serve as the PDX Google office Site Lead.


Josh: Google's intern process is fairly involved and requires significant prep / planning ahead. Before applying, students should make sure that they: - Are pursing a computer Science degree or other another technical background. - Have a strong background in algorithms - Have some concrete examples of programming application, which could include jobs, volunteering, personal projects, programming competitions, etc.

Phil: Energy and an an eagerness to learn.


Kat Henson '93 & Ella Smith '16
Director of Merger and Acquisitions Quality & Interior Design Intern


Ask two Reedies about Intel!

 Kat:  In 1994, Reed found an internship for me in Intel’s device physics lab studying transistor reliability.  I’m grateful, and enjoy paying it forward.  These days I work with teams developing technology for automobiles, drones, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.  In mergers & acquisitions, I help Intel choose wisely and create value rapidly.  Over the years I’ve explored and learned from many disciplines in both technical and management roles.  I would encourage Reedies to retain their curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and sense of wonder throughout their careers.

Ella: Graduated from Reed 2016 with interdisciplinary Russian-Art major. Professional experience includes a designing a logo for the University of Gothenburg; being an office assistant at an accident reconstruction firm in Austin, TX; and managing the Reed College Student Print Shoppe. I've been at Intel one year in two groups and two positions: operations and in office standards.


Kat:  A chance to return the favor to connect students to intern or full time positions.  Reedies thrive here.  Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society.  What future do you want to create?

Ellal: I would highly advise current Reedies to seek Intel internships over the summers. They come in all shape and sizes, so many different backgrounds can find a place. It's a good way to acclimate to the culture before diving into a full-time position. Additionally, it's an opportunity to grow a network before joining full-time, in case another post-internship internal opportunity arises that you might not have seen otherwise. Intel also loves converting interns to full-time employees when headcount allocations allow. Those conversions are probably more tailored to the work you did in your internship, as opposed to a fresh full-time listing where you may only meet some requirements and/or be up against a much bigger pool of external applicants. Technical experience is a huge plus at Intel. Engineers have opportunities in dozens of fields encompassing every stage of wafer production, computer science, construction, and business/PM roles, among all the other things that happen at a huge company like Intel. I can talk a little about my observations managing technical teams, since that was my first internship's scope. Speaking personally about my nontechnical experience, some skills that have proven useful are knowing the whole Adobe suite inside and out, AutoCAD, modeling/rendering programs, and the entire Microsoft Office suite. More abstract skills such as the ability of collaborate, self-direct, articulate ideas, integrate feedback, and take risks have been integral to contributing value to my team. It is likely you'll have may roles in an Intel position, so being adaptable is huge.


Sahar Muranovic
Volunteer Coordinator & HR Assistant


Sahar Muranovic is the Volunteer Coordinator and HR Assistant at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization. She is responsible for coordinating individual and group volunteer requests, as well as organizing trainings for both volunteers and staff. She received her master’s degree in International Human Rights from the University of Denver.


IRCO is looking for qualified and dedicated individuals with demonstrated cultural competency and enthusiasm about working in an inclusive environment. Job openings vary depending on the program. Examples include English language instructors, school site managers, activity leaders, and childcare providers. Full-time positions, as well as casual/hourly jobs are available. Internships, work-study and volunteer opportunities are also available.

Literary Arts

Lydah DeBin & India Hamilton
Director of Development & Marketing


Lydah DeBin, Director of Development & Marketing, is responsible for all earned and contributed income for Literary Arts. With 10 years of sales and marketing experience, Lydah designs and implements fundraising strategies to meet budget goals for individual, corporate, foundation, and governmental sources. Prior to joining Literary Arts in 2012, Lydah had extensive experience in the New York publishing industry, working as National Accounts Manager for Penguin Young Readers Group, Simon & Schuster, and Random House.

Joining Lydah, India Hamilton '16.


Reed students looking to intern seek to gain from a internship with Literary Arts? Engagement with the non-profit and literary world.  While Literary Arts frequently works with publishers, we are not a publishing house. There is much about publishing to be learned from working with the organization, however.

LA seeks skillsets including:
• Partial or complete undergraduate degree
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Attention to detail
• Love of literature
• Facility with Microsoft Office Suite and Mac business applications
• Knowledge of FileMaker Pro, InDesign, and/or Adobe Suite a plus
• Customer service experience a plus

Morrison Child and Family Services

Patricia Weekley and Traci Fajardo
Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Sanctuary & HR Manager


Patricia Weekley has been a race and social justice advocate with over twenty-five years of increasing responsibilities and accomplishments in the areas of equity and inclusion; small business utilization and program design and implementation; project management; group facilitation; and leadership of professional and administrative professional staff. She has also led the implementation of an agency wide effort to change to being an explicitly anti-racist organization by co-authoring a newly adopted Equity Policy with an emphasis on requiring equitable outcomes to internal business practices and non-construction investments. In addition, Patricia negotiated and implemented a high priority training campaign that restructured an Equity Council, followed by the training of institutional transformational teams that target dismantling systemic racism and building anti-racist multicultural diversity.

Morrison Child & Family Services provides prevention, mental health & substance abuse services for children, youth & families across Oregon with a concentration in the Portland Metro area.

Joining Patricia will be Traci Fajardo, HR Manager.


I am seeking an individual who manifests a strong commitment to race equity and social justice; and a desire to embark upon a career in public service or non-profit work. I prefer an individual who has good research skills and has an interest in proposal writing and development. A self starter requiring minimum supervision and demonstrates an eagerness to learn will be a good match for me. Culturally sensitive interpersonal and communication skills are essential. Of course, tech savvy is a plus.

M Science

Julie Martin '17 and Spenser Marshall
Research Associate/Sr. Equity Researcher


Spenser Marshall

Spenser is a senior equity researcher at M Science. A scrappy data scientist and thoughtful financial analyst, he joins these disciplines to generate actionable investment theses. He focuses on using alternative data sources to predict the performance of technology firms.

On his path to M Science, Spenser dropped out of Reed, founded a cryptocurrency company, worked as an asset manager, and graduated top-of-class from PSU in economics. He likes finding patterns and wrenching on motorcycles.

Julie Martin
I graduated from Reed this May with an economics degree, and I’m currently a research associate at M Science. Throughout my time at Reed, I craved the opportunity to apply the skills I learned to messy, real-world data: and all the N/As and typos that come with them. After working with data for public and private companies large and small, I came across M Science, which struck my ideal balance between finance and tech.  Here, I’m able not only to apply the statistics coursework I loved, but also learn everyday about how our research matters.

M Science is a data-driven research and analytics firm, uncovering new insights for leading financial institutions and corporations. We come to work every day to create actionable insights from alternative data. M Science is revolutionizing research, discovering new data sets and pioneering methodologies to provide actionable intelligence. Our research teams have decades of experience working with massive amounts of unstructured data in near real-time to discern critical insights that help clients make smarter, more informed decisions. We combine the best of finance, data and technology to create a truly unique value proposition for both financial services firms and major corporations.

M Science was founded as Majestic Research in 2002 and in 2016 was spun out to form M Science, a portfolio company of Leucadia National Corporation (NYSE: LUK).


We will definitely have internships for Summer 2018 and we can potentially explore winter shadowing as well. We may have a few full time openings as well.

Multnomah County Health Department

Keri Caffreys
Recruiter (HR Analyst 2)


Keri Caffreys is a results driven Senior Human Resources Professional with 20 years of extensive public sector experience. A champion for cultural competency, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Our mission is to work in partnership with the communities we serve, to assure, promote and protect the health of the people of Multnomah County.


Computer skills, including Gmail/Google Docs/Google Sheets, knowledge of cultural competency and/or diversity and inclusion, background/education in health or social sciences, research, etc.

North Star Civic Foundation

Caitlin Baggott '99
Executive Director


Caitlin is the executive director of the North Star Civic Foundation, an entrepreneurial private foundation focused on advancing systemic solutions to the most pressing issues facing us today: wealth inequality, climate change and an unfettered democracy. In 2002 Caitlin helped launch Oregon’s youth civic engagement organization, the Bus Project, where she served as executive director from 2011-2013. While at the Bus Project, Caitlin founded and led the organization’s nationally recognized leadership program, PolitiCorps, which has engaged more than 200 aspiring young leaders in public service. The program’s graduates have gone on to lead local and national civic organizations, and to hold staff roles in The White House, US Congressional offices, Oregon’s Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, legislative offices, and multiple City of Portland, Multnomah County and Metro offices. After years of managing youth-focused voter registration drives, Caitlin led the Bus Project team that developed a framework for passing a series of Oregon bills that would make voter registration in Oregon nearly universal – the crown jewel of which passed in March 2015 under the leadership of Gov. Kate Brown. While at the Bus Project, Caitlin served on the founding boards of The Mother PAC, a mother-led political group focused on supporting candidates who will be champions for women’s economic security, and Oregon Voice, a non-profit creating infrastructure for progressive civic organizations around the state.


North Star Civic Foundation is a small private foundation with a single staff member and a large mission. We are eager to work with students who would like to apply their research and analytical skills to address real-world problems, while developing the skills, networks and leadership habits needed for future employment in this sector.

Oregon Center for Public Policy

Janet Bauer
Policy Analyst


I am a lifelong advocate of economic opportunity for people struggling to make ends meet. I analyze health policy and safety net programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- formerly known as "food stamps," child care assistance, and the Earned Income Tax Credit. I joined OCPP in 2005 and hold a master's degree in Urban Studies from Portland State University. Other policy areas OCPP focuses on are housing, and tax policy, among others. The Center is a non-profit organization conducting research and analysis to advance policies and practices that improve the economic and social opportunities of all Oregonians. Our published work can be found at

The Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) does in-depth research and analysis on budget, tax, and economic issues.

We believe in an economically prosperous Oregon where Oregonians at all income levels have a meaningful opportunity to thrive. Our goal is to improve decision making and generate more opportunities for all Oregonians.

Janet is joined by Dan Hauser, Policy Analyst


The summer research assistant intern will work with the Center’s policy analysts on a variety of projects. Typical activities include:

§ Gathering research data

§ Analyzing data using various software packages

§ Developing charts, graphs, or informational pieces

§ Developing written materials

§ Editing the work of others

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

§ Completed the sophomore year as an undergraduate

§ Proficient in Excel and able to spend extended periods at a computer

§ Completed at least one year of quantitative analysis coursework such as statistics, econometrics or data analysis and be comfortable working with quantitative data

§ Excellent written and oral communication skills

§ Able to protect confidential information

§ Committed to the goals of the Oregon Center for Public Policy.

Oregon Environmental Council

Chris Hagerbaumer '87
Deputy Director


Chris Hagerbaumer is deputy director at Oregon Environmental Council where she provides leadership, support, and coordination to OEC’s professional program staff. Chris joined OEC in 1996 to lead the organization’s program to curb pollution from cars and trucks and became Deputy Director in 2006. Chris has a background in environmental policy, advocacy and education, including work with the Environmental Law and Policy Center in Chicago and the U.S. Peace Corps. She has a master's degree in public policy from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree in German from Reed College.


OEC internships are for motivated individuals with an interest in environmental policy and typically involve research, outreach and/or administrative support. OEC's mission to advance innovative, collaborative and equitable solutions to Oregon’s environmental challenges for today and future generations. Our areas of focus include climate protection, clean and plentiful water, and toxic-free environments. Qualified candidates have: • Excellent research, data collection and writing skills • Strong interpersonal skills; good listener and thoughtful respondent • Ability to make “cold calls” • Attention to detail • Self-motivated, resourceful and reliable • Ability to meet goals in a timely manner • A passion for OEC’s mission


Oregon Health & Science University

Riikka Salonen
Manager of Healthcare Equity and Inclusion


Riikka Salonen, a bi-national native of Finland, brings over 20 years of experience as a diversity and inclusion strategist, intercultural facilitator and consultant worldwide. Salonen leads the diversity talent acquisition efforts at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. She received her master’s degree in intercultural communication and intercultural relations from University of Jyväskylä, Finland and a Professional Intercultural Certificate from the Intercultural Communication Institute. Salonen is an author of several publications and speaks regularly in national diversity, inclusion and equity conferences.


Interns: Required:

• Currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate program

• One year of administrative office experience

• Demonstrated expertise in the use of computer hardware and software, including demonstrated proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and reporting

• Experience establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds and levels in an organization

• Demonstrated excellent verbal communication skills including the ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds

• Excellent written communication skills including writing broad types of documents ranging from memos to narrative reports

• Professional and attentive customer service skills, both in person and via phone; ability to exercise good judgment; ability to work independently and with minimal direction; critical thinking skills

• Ability to prioritize workload, handle multiple priorities, sense of urgency and timely completion of work

• Ability to intern 18-20 hours a week.

• Experience working in an academic environment

• Enrolled in Reed College, Portland State University, Marylhurst University, OHSU or University of Oregon program that has an existing Training Affiliation Agreement with OHSU.

Oregon Metro

Karen Painter & Janet Lee
Human Resources Assistant/Recruitment Program Lead


Metro is the regional government that provides integrated resource management for the 24 cities and unincorporated areas in the Portland metropolitan area. Facilities, public assets and governance services include the Oregon Convention Center, the Oregon Zoo, Portland’5 Centers, Expo Center, transportation planning, growth management, solid waste system management and recycling services, and regional parks and natural areas. At Metro, we hire a workforce representative of the communities we serve, understanding that a diverse workforce strengthens our organization. We value diversity and support a positive and welcoming environment where all of our employees can thrive.


Internships in the Council Office, Communications, Planning and other areas can come available throughout the year. We offer a variety of summer internships, usually posted around May or June.

Oregon State Bar

Christine Ford & Amber Hollister '99
Director of Human Resources & General Counsel


Christine Ford has been the Director of Human Resources with the Oregon State Bar since moving to Portland in 2003. She earned her BSBA and MBA from California State University, Hayward, focusing on HR Management and Economics. During her 35-year HR career, Christine has worked in the music, manufacturing, magnetic storage media, education, entertainment, software development, insurance, career fairs, video post-production, and defense-related industries in California’s Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. She has also worked as a consultant for large and small organizations in the USA and the United Kingdom, including Nike and Musicians Institute. Christine has volunteered her time in the community focusing much of her attention on helping at-risk youth in their job search skills and mentoring young HR professionals.

Joining Christine, Amber Hollister '99, General Counsel


We have part-time, entry-level positions in our Referral and Information Services Department. This position works well for students because it is a set schedule (M-F 9am to 1 pm or 1pm to 5pm) and it is a job you can leave at the office. You are taking calls from the public seeking an attorney. You are determining the needed area of practice, matching their need with an attorney who practices in that area of law, and has geographic proximity. Typically we are looking for people who have experience in a call center or have had experience with managing difficult people preferably on the telephone or in person. For some of the positions, we are looking for people with bilingual English/Spanish skills.

Peace Corps

Lisa Snell
Regional Recruiter


I served in the Peace Corps in Morocco, as a Youth Development Volunteer. Prior to and following Peace Corps, my experience is in Outdoor Sports, having worked for REI and most recently, managing all US Columbia Sportswear and Mountain Hardwear Brand Stores and as Manager of Training and Communications for the Retail division. I joined Peace Corps again, just over a year ago because I believe in our mission and that Peace Corps opens doors for people - professionally, academically and personally.


Peace Corps has jobs available in over 60 countries for recent graduates with a BA/BS degree and an interest in making a difference in the lives of others.

Providence Health & Services

Allie Biecker
School Outreach Manager


Allie Bieker is the manager of the Providence School Outreach internship program. The internship program is a great opportunity for college seniors from any major to gain exposure to a health care organization. These are paid, quarter-long internships which include several skill-building workshops, as well as opportunities for job shadowing and networking. We have opportunities available in many non-clinical departments. Preference for the internships will be given to first-generation college students. Apply online to explore the possibilities with one of Oregon’s largest employers!

As the Intern Manager, Allie screens and interviews candidates to fill 80 paid internship positions per year. She also provides support to current interns, teach professionalism classes, and work with departments that host interns.



Senior level standing, preference to first generation college students.

Specialty Engineering

Marty French
Labratory Manager


I have 25 years of experience in analytical and environmental chemistry, with an emphasis on method development for analysis of emerging pollutants. I also work with international environmental organizations on water quality and soil contamination projects.


A minimum of 2 years natural science education, and a strong interest in applied analytical and/or environmental chemistry. Candidates should have a strong interest in applying their education in a laboratory setting, and developing new skills and knowledge of chemistry. Develop understanding of skills required for working in a regulated laboratory setting.

Teach for America

Jordan Hoefer & Erica Atcheson
Manager, Recruitment/Managing Director of Recruitment


After graduating from Washington State University in 2013, Jordan Hoefer pursued her passion for justice and educational equity as a Teach For America corps member in Memphis, Tennessee. Her experience as a 5th and 2nd grade reading and social studies teacher, reinforced the urgency of working towards the opportunity for all students to have access to an excellent education. After her time in the classroom, she transitioned to supporting recruitment efforts for Teach For America. Today, she works to recruit incredible corps members to ensure her former students and others like them have the best, most diverse leaders that our country has to offer teaching them and advocating for them for many years to come.


NOTE: September 13th is the first TFA deadline of the year. To apply:

Teach For America corps members come from all different college majors and experiences. What connects them are common mind-sets, skills, and work styles. Teach For America’s research shows that teachers who have helped their students achieve the most dramatic growth often possess the following characteristics. 1. A deep belief in the potential of all kids. You are committed to doing whatever it takes to expand opportunities for students, often with a perspective informed by experience in low-income communities. You have an understanding of the systemic challenges of poverty and racism. 2. Demonstrated leadership ability. You are able to lead others in a variety of settings, including those that are less familiar. 3. Strong achievement. You are able to attain measurable results in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings. 4. Perseverance in the face of challenges. You have the ability to adapt to challenging environments. 5. Long-term commitment to reaching goals. You have a strong desire to improve and develop, both personally and professionally. 6. Excellent organizational ability. You are a master of planning well and managing responsibilities effectively. 7. Excellent interpersonal skills. You have a proven ability to motivate others. 8. Respect for individuals' diverse experiences. You have the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Urban Airship

Mele Sax-Barnett '05
Customer Engineering Manager


Urban Airship is trusted by thousands of businesses looking to grow with mobile. Every day, marketers and developers depend on Urban Airship to deliver more than one billion mobile moments that inspire interest and drive action. Urban Airship’s mobile growth platform is used by many of the world’s most admired companies, including Adidas, Alaska Airlines, The Home Depot, NBC Universal, Sky Media, and Zillow.


We tend to hire based on attitude and aptitude vs. a specific technical skill set. Airshippers in general are collaborative, naturally curious, good problem solvers, respectful of each other, can acquire and apply new skills, care about customer experience, passionate about mobile

Waxler Immigration Law

Sherilyn Holcome Waxler '97
Immigration Attorney


I graduated from Reed in 1997 (Sociology) and from University of Washington School of Law in 2002. I opened my own practice, Waxler Immigration Law LLC, in 2009. I practice all areas of family immigration law, but specialize in assisting survivors of crime and domestic violence.


Our office has previously hired Reedies for various positions, including file clerk positions for students, and office assistant and legal assistant positions for soon to be and recent graduates. Our office seeks to hire thoughtful, caring individuals committed to making a difference. Ability to work independently and attention to detail are essential. Ideal candidates are bilingual in Spanish/English.

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours 

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours are on hiatus for the summer and will return for fall semester. CLBR is open all summer and you can schedule appointments with an advisor.


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