Virtual Events Recordings

Did you miss one of our live virtual events? Catch up here with full-length recordings or highlights of the sessions. 

Faculty events

  • Anthropology Faculty Office Hours with Paul Silverstein and Anand Vaidya (highlights)
  • Biology Faculty Office Hours with Derek Applewhite and Anna Ritz (full length) (highlights)
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Office Hours with Kara Cerveny and Rebecca Lalonde (highlights)
  • Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty Office Hours with Kelly Chacón and Sarah Schaack (highlights)
  • Classics and Economics Faculty Office Hours with Ellen Millender and Jon Rork (full length) (highlights)
  • Classics and Religion Faculty Office Hours with Ellen Millender, Tom Landvatter, and Kristin Scheible (highlights) 
  • Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies Roundtable with Victoria Fortuna, LaShondra Sullivan, and Corine Stofle (full length) (highlights)
  • Computer Science and Computational Biology Faculty Office Hours with Mark Hopkins and Anna Ritz (full length) (highlights) 
  • Computer Science and Math Faculty Office Hours with Jerry Shurman, Kelly McConville, and Mark Hopkins (full length)
  • Dance and Theatre Faculty Office Hours with Carla Mann '81 and Peter Ksander (highlights)
  • English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature Faculty Office Hours with Ann Delehanty, Libby Drumm, and Sara Jaffe (full length) (highlights)
  • English Faculty Office Hours with Lucía Martínez Valdivia (highlights)
  • Environmental Studies Faculty Office Hours with Aaron Ramirez and Noelwah Netusil (highlights)
  • History Faculty Office Hours with Michael Breen and David Garrett (highlights)
  • History, American Studies, and Chinese Humanities with Margot Minardi and Doug Fix (full length) (highlights)
  • Humanities 110 Roundtable Discussion with Meg Scharle and Margot Minardi (full length) (highlights)
  • Linguistics Faculty Office Hours with Matt Pearson ’92 (full length) (highlights)
  • Mathematics Department Roundtable Discussion with Angélica Osorno, David Perkinson, and Kyle Ormsby (full length) (highlights)
  • Music Faculty Office Hours with Mark Burford and Kirsten Volness (highlights) 
  • Neuroscience, Biology, and Psychology with Erik Zornik and Paul Currie (full length) (highlights)
  • Philosophy Department Roundtable Discussion with Meg Scharle, Troy Cross, and Paul Hovda (full length) (highlights)
  • Physics Faculty Office Hours with Mary James and Alison Crocker (full length) (highlights)
  • Political Science and Economics Faculty Office Hours with Chris Koski and Jon Rork (full length) (highlights)
  • Psychology Department Roundtable Discussion with Jennifer Corpus, Kathy Oleson, Kris Anderson, and Vasiliy Safin ’07 (full length)
  • Psychology and Mathematics Faculty Office Hours with Kris Anderson and Kelly McConville (full length) (highlights)
  • Russian, Comparative Literature, and Film and Media Studies Faculty Office Hours with Naomi Caffee and Zhenya Bershtein (full length) (highlights)
  • Theater and Dance Office Hours with Karla Mann '81 and Peter Ksander (full length)


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