Students can request an interview by a Reed representative as part of the application process.

Interviews are optional* but recommended—they are an opportunity for you to speak individually with one of our admission counselors or student interns in a relaxed setting for about 20 minutes. They are also an opportunity for us to learn more about you.

*Students who wish to enter Reed College before graduating from high school are required to interview for admission.

On-Campus Interviews

  • Juniors may interview at Reed beginning in their spring semester.
  • Seniors applying Regular Decision must interview by January 15; those applying Early Decision I or Early Action by November 15; those applying Early Decision II by December 31. 
  • Transfer applicants must interview by March 15.

Request an interview during your visit

Off-Campus Interviews

  • High school seniors can interview with admission counselors traveling to their area or with Reed alumni during fall semester.
  • Counselors typically offer off campus interviews from early September to mid November.
  • Requests for off-campus interviews with alumni may be submitted between October 1 and November 30. The deadline for Early Decision I candidates to request an alumni interview is October 15th.
  • If you have already completed or scheduled an on-campus interview, you may not sign up for an off-campus interview.
  • Please do not register for multiple interviews; interviews are limited in number and therefore we must ask that each student interview only once.

Reed in your area

Reed alumni in your area

Interviews for Transfer Applicants

  • Transfer applicants may only interview on campus with a member of Reed’s admission staff.
  • Transfer applicants must interview by March 15.

What to Expect

Interviews are conducted one-on-one. Students should be prepared to discuss their interests, both academic and personal, including, for instance, their favorite subject, author, or activity. Parents will be able to ask questions after the interview concludes.

Interview FAQ