Coalition Application

Reed College is a founding member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, a collaboration of over 90 public and private institutions that share the mission of making the college search and application process more accessible.

To forward its vision, the Coalition offers:

1. a free platform of online tools to search for colleges and collaborate with your supporters;

2. an online locker to store essays, video, audio, and images that you’re proud of; and

3. an application that draws on the first two offerings.

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Why Reed is a Coalition school

  • Reed has a long history of bringing together students with unique life experiences. One requirement of the Reed College Coalition Application is an audio, video, image, or document submission. As a Coalition applicant, you’re able to share a personal passion in the media that feels authentic to you.
  • Reed is committed to providing access to all admitted students. Reed meets 100% of your demonstrated financial need. We believe attending the most intellectual college in the country should be affordable for every person. Affordability in higher education is a value shared with our Coalition partners.
  • Reed is an active member of the Portland community. This fall, we will collaborate with non-profit organizations to illustrate how the Coalition toolkit can be used to collect personal artifacts that tell your academic story. Coalition tools allow us to connect preparation with success in the college admission process in an intentional way. 

Applicants to Reed can apply either by the Coalition Application or Common Application. To learn more about the application process, visit our guide to applying.