At Reed, community is built on inquiry and integrity, and a bit of clever mischief (look up "Reed snowball" to see what we mean). Student activities may be structured, spontaneous, intellectual, or silly, but they never depend on sororities or fraternities (Reed doesn't have them) and they always end up larger and more elaborate than seems possible.

photo of the Great Reedie Bake Off

Reed students embrace each new challenge with depth, determination, and humor—and they find in each other true “comrades of the quest.” This phrase, adopted as a rallying cry by Reed’s first president, describes the crusading spirit of the Reed community, for which intellectual freedom, academic intensity, and egalitarian democracy are central.

In a community guided by the Honor Principle, you will experience an atmosphere of respect and trust that is distinctly liberating but also bonding. You will have the freedom to be yourself and you will find yourself inspired by others who share your excitement for complicated and incredible ideas.

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