Office of Admission COVID-19 Response

This page is a resource for families to gain information about adjustments that have been made to the admission process as a result of COVID-19. 

Fall 2021: Coming Back Together

President Audrey Bilger is pleased to announce we will come back together in the fall of 2021 on the Reed campus.

Living and Learning at Reed

Reed is thriving thanks to a well-thought-out plan that involves deliberate choices from our community.

The Key to Reopening Safely is Testing

Everyone who spends time on campus receives COVID-19 testing each week-- including students, faculty, and staff. Regular testing has been key to reopening safely.

Conference Continues

We changed the rooms where classes take place and incorporated new technology, but conversations in conference remained central to the learning experience at Reed.

Meet Madison: Reed's New Epidemiologist

When faced with a new challenge, we brought in an expert. Madison Riethman, an epidemiologist, helps us understand the pandemic from a public health perspective.

Dining Safely in Commons

We implemented new safety protocols and ordering apps to make dining in the Commons safer during the pandemic.

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