Academic Support

Reed has developed a network of support services that complement the academic program and help students to do their best.

photo of students studying at a picnic table

Peer Tutoring

A robust peer-tutoring program, which includes free drop-in as well as individual tutoring, provides assistance to nearly 50 percent of Reed students. Up to one hour of tutoring per subject per week is available for many classes. Reed's tutoring center is located at the Dorothy Johansen House (the DoJo), which also has space for groups to study together.


Workshops held throughout the year provide students with tips on time management, priority setting, and other topics designed to promote student success.

Academic Coaching

Students can make an appointment to discuss study skills, quantitative skills, learning styles, test anxiety, procrastination, and academic stress.

Disability & Accessibility Resources

Also located in the DoJo, Disability & Accessibility Resources works with students with disabilities who seek academic, housing, or other accommodations for disability-related needs. They engage in an individualized and interactive process with each student to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Faculty Advising

Each student is paired with a faculty adviser at the beginning of their first year. This relationship helps to ensure, from semester to semester and year to year, that students are not only fulfilling their distribution requirements for graduation, but that they are pursuing an academic path they find meaningful. Students in Humanities 110 attend separate advising sessions about their writing. Once they reach the senior year, students are assigned a thesis adviser, as well.