Send in Ads!

If a print ad you see strikes you as particularly sexist or racist, send it in for inclusion in the archive! Raise awareness and express yourself at the same time by including your comments and analysis.

To send an ad:

  1. Scan the ad at about 150 dpi, color
  2. Make sure all aspects of the image are clearly visible and the image is not crooked.
  3. Crop out all extraneous elements.
  4. Save the image as a jpeg file.
  5. Email it to Charlene Makley.
  6. Include as much information about the image as you can: product, company, location of the firm, publication that printed it, date.
  7. Include any comments or analysis you want to make about it.

If appropriate, the image will be included in the archive and on-line exhibits as soon as possible.

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