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The complexities of accessing a SOURCE challenge artists, writers, and activists to reconsider the practical and creative paradigms of their work—to document the emergence of knowledge.

How do you know?

Submit a 300-word pitch by December 20.

Here's how.

For inspiration:

access, archive, storage, cache, database, informant, documents, history, causality, complicate, birthplace, origins, ground zero, fount, rhizome, knowledge, canon, memory, credibility, authority, systems, memorialize, reference, tributary, scarcity, abundance, local, voice, proof, self, body, spring, life, magic, mystery, healing, myth, fable, story, obscure, rupture, interrogate, intervene, beginning, root, cradle, inception

is an independently run, volunteer-based, primarily english-language online review featuring art and critique from and about the Middle East, North Africa, and South (East) Asia. We seek original pieces—visual and/or written—centered around discussions of identity, cross-community solidarity, creative expression, critique, and activism.

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