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Ethnography Field School in Yucatan

OSEA Announces the Summer 2018 Ethnography Field School in Yucatan, Mexico.

OSEA celebrates 15 years of innovative trans-cultural exchange, community outreach, language immersion, service learning, and interdisciplinary field study in the Maya Community of Pisté, Yucatán, México.​

Students design & conduct research on issues they select in areas such as:

  • medical anthropology, public health, medical pluralism,
  • heritage, community tourism, sustainability, eco-tourism,
  • gender/sexualities, new ways of being Maya in global culture, identity & social media
  • spiritualities & belief, religion & rituals of belonging
  • NGOs & globalization, tourism ethnography, anthropology of food,
  • theatre & music, performance, anthropology of art/aesthetic
  • Mexican & community politics during local elections held in June

OSEA is Ideal for all majors, including:

Anthropology, PreMed, Public Health, Journalism, Global Studies, Ecology,

Latin American Studies, Psychology, Gender Studies, Urban Development

OSEA 2018 Programs

  • Six Week Ethnography Field School: Jun 17 to July 28
  • Four Week Options for 6 credits in different sessions
  • Intensive Spanish. Jun 5 to Jun 17
  • Maya Language Immersion (6 weeks). Jun 17-July 28​

Early Decision Enrollment $300 tuition discount. Deadline Jan 20

Please Email us directly with your questions!

Dr. Quetzil Castaneda, Director OSEA,
Zachary Glen Brandner, Field School Coordinator,
Voicemail for Quetzil at 812.855.9099 Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology

Founded in 2003, OSEA provides US students training in ethnography and community based service learning. Participants learn to design & conduct research on issues that are significant for you. Focus on academic research or practicum experience that gives you the edge for grad program, medical school or work in public or private sector.

— OSEA is pronounced in Spanish, "​Oh Say-Ah"

We look forward to working with you this summer!

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