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Course Requirements (Fall 2012)

Late Paper Policy: Deadlines are strict. Barring personal crisis, family emergency, or severe illness (please let me know ahead of time), all late papers will be subject to one half point off per day late. Except for abrupt crises, no requests for extensions will be heard within 48 hours before the deadline (that includes for reasons of computer malfunctioning, minor illnesses or being "behind").

Classes will revolve around discussions of our in-depth weekly readings. Beginning week 4, class members will take turns generating discussion questions (to post by Saturday evening) and facilitating class discussions. One short (1-2 page) blog commentary engaging with a theme emerging from the assigned readings will be due each week in class. For that ongoing project, you will open your own course 'blog' account, using the social media forum of your choice (ie., Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, click here for a brief review of popular forums). Note that you can include images, video clips and any other related media in your blog posts. Be sure you are clear on privacy settings and keep this blog separate from more personal forums.

In addition, a longer, (7-8 page) final paper based on some minimal outside research and expanding on one of the course topics will be due on Thursday Dec. 13.

Plagiarism: While we may do collaborative work in and outside of class, my expectation, except for any group assignments, is that all papers you turn in for this class (regardless of the medium) is your own work. Be sure to carefully cite all text and images you borrow from others (including in your blogs!). For more information on this and how to cite correctly in the discipline of anthropology see these links on Plagiarism and Anthropology Citation Practices.



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