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General Links for The Anthropology of Economics, Development, and Globalization

These links are good starting points for further information about anthropology, its history, methods and recent possibilities for a politically and economically engaged scholarship.

Remember as you delve into this vast world of information that materials on the web MUST be evaluated as critically as any other texts we consider in this course.

Economic Anthropology

Engaged Anthropology

General Anthropology Blogs

  • AAANet Blog
    The blog for the American Anthropological Association. News and announcements for the field.
  • Savage Minds
    A group blog by working anthropologists. Reflections on their research and the discipline in general. (One major contributor is Alex Golub, Reed class of '95.) A great collection of links can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • Somatosphere
    Critical ethnographic articles. "A collaborative website covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry, psychology and bioethics."
  • Culture Matters
    Group blog with articles on the ethnography and politics of the global: tourism, the state, ethnicity, etc.
  • Material World
    Media, material culture, and meta-disciplinary commentary.
  • Sociological Images
    Cultural studies with a quantitative twist. Media analysis and demographics.
  • Ethnography Matters
    On doing ethnography in the context of global technologies, the Internet, "studying up."
  • Anthropological Research on the Contemporary
    Paul Rabinow's experimental web platform for developing theoretical tookits in the social sciences.
  • Anthropology on Tumblr
    A search for the "anthropology" tag on Tumblr. Never know what you'll find!

Global Anthropology Blogs

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