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Course Requirements (Spring 2011)

Late Paper Policy: Deadlines are strict. Barring personal crisis, family emergency, or severe illness (please let me know ahead of time if you can), all late papers will be subject to one half grade off per day late. Except for abrupt crises, no requests for extensions will be heard within 48 hours before the deadline (that includes for reasons of computer malfunctioning, minor illnesses or being "behind").

Summary of Requirements

  • Avid Participation:
    Regular attendance
    Prompt completion of assignments
    Discussion questions and leadership
    Discussion participation

Course Organization

Classes will revolve around student-led discussions and presentations. There will be two formal analyses and 6 informal commentaries, 2 on theoretical paradigms we discuss in the beginning of the semester and 4 (out of a possible 9) film commentaries on films screened outside of class.

I will expect your avid participation--including regular attendance, prompt completion of assignments, and active involvement in in-class discussions whenever possible. In fact, class participation and attendance will comprise a significant portion of your grade.

Reading and writing assignments are meant to encourage close, critical engagement with the texts and the issues they raise. The reading load is moderate to heavy and it is assigned thematically per week. Weekly further readings and website links are provided for your use. The further readings are ones that are especially relevant or provide differing viewpoints; they offer points of departure for deepening your understanding of particular issues.


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