Course Book List (Spring 2016)

Copies of the following books (listed in the order they are assigned in the course) are available at the bookstore; copies of each are also on reserve at the library.

Main texts (a lot assigned)

  • Makley, Charlene. The Violence of Liberation: Gender and Tibetan Buddhist Revival in Post-Mao China. 2007. Univ of Calif Press
  • Dodin and Rather, eds., Imagining Tibet. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2001.
  • Dalton, Jacob. The Taming of the Demons. Yale University Press. 2012.
  • Barnett, Robert. Lhasa: Streets with Memories. Columbia University Press, 2006.
  • Dreyfus, George. The Sound of Two Hands Clapping: The Education of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. University of California Press, 2003.
  • Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV. Freedom in exile : the autobiography of the Dalai Lama. [San Francisco, Calif.] : HarperPerennial, 1991, c1990 (1st HarperPerennial ed).
  • Khetsun, Tubten. 2007 (Matthew Akester, trans. ) Memories of Life in Lhasa under Chinese Rule. Columbia.
  • Diehl, Keila. Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community.  Berkeley: University of California Press. 2002.
  • Craig, Sienna. Healing Elements. 2012. Univ of Calif Press

Supplementary texts (good reference or a section assigned)

  • Lopez, Donald. 1998. Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West. University of Chicago Press.
  • Kapstein, Matthew. The Tibetans, Blackwell, 2006.
  • Jacoby, Sarah. Love and Liberation: Autobiographical Writings of the Tibetan Buddhist Visionary Sera Khandro. Columbia University Press, 2014.
  • Powers, John. History as Propaganda: Tibetan Exiles versus the People's Republic of China. Oxford. 2004.
  • Goldstein, Melvyn. A History of Modern Tibet 1913-1951: The Demise of the Lamaist State. 1989.
  • Tuttle, Gray. Tibetan Buddhists in the making of modern China. New York : Columbia University Press, c2005
  • Smyer-Yu, Dan. The Spread of Tibetan Buddhism in China: Charisma, Money, Enlightenment, Routledge, 2013.
  • Blondeau, Anne-Marie and Katia Buffetrille, eds. 2008. Authenticating Tibet: Answers to China’s 100 Questions.  Berkeley: University of California Press.