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Request for Written Feedback: Reed College Title IX Policy and Procedures

In May, the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education (ED) issued amendments to Title IX and required all colleges and universities receiving any form of federal financial assistance to be in compliance with these regulations by August 14, 2020, including all updates to related college policies and procedures.  To ensure that campus policies and processes complied with Title IX, the Clery Act, and Oregon laws by the deadline, a working group of 14 students, staff, and faculty met over the summer to carefully review the amendments and develop recommendations for changes to campus policies and processes.  Due to the compressed timeframe, only one listening session was conducted, and a new Title IX Policy and separate grievance procedures for students, faculty and staff were adopted via powers accorded to the president under the Reed Community Constitution.  

Request for feedback

The Title IX Working Group now seeks more robust feedback from the Reed community on the adopted policy and procedures.  Plans for soliciting feedback include the holding of constituent-based (student, faculty or staff) listening sessions and requests for direct feedback from members of the Reed community.  This form is now active for the purpose of gathering community feedback on the Reed College Title IX Policy, Title IX Grievance Procedure for Students, Title IX Grievance Procedure for Staff, and Title IX Grievance Procedure for Faculty (sections M, N, & O of the Faculty Rules of Procedure). 

The Title IX Working Group encourages any feedback on the Title IX Policy and Procedures that community members wish to provide. However, specific feedback is often more actionable than generalized feedback. The versions of the documents attached in this email contain line numbers to aid in referencing specific aspects of the policy and procedures.

Plan moving forward

The feedback gathered from this form will be used in conjunction with feedback from campus meetings and listening sessions. The Title IX Working Group will utilize this feedback to make recommendations regarding the Title IX Policy and Title IX Grievance Procedures, so as to maintain federal compliance and best meet the needs—and match the values—of the Reed community.

It is preferred that feedback be provided by January 4, 2021.

Our commitment to the community
As we engage in this work, we reaffirm our committment to creating and sustaining a campus environment in which all members can participate free from discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, and gender identity. We reaffirm our commitment to preventing sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking, and to responding to reports in a timely, impartial, and equitable manner. We know that the Reed community joins us in our commitment to the values of honor and mutual respect that define all of our interactions. 

Any questions about this process or Title IX should be directed to

2020-21 Title IX Working Group:

Bill Jenkins, HR Consultant

Charlotte Thompson, Senate - Student

Chris Toutain, Title IX Coordinator (Co-Chair)

Cindy Anderson, Student Life (Co-Chair)

Gary Granger, Community Safety

Jessika Chi, OID - Staff

Keith Karoly, JBoard Adviser

Kelsey Wirtzfeld, Project Manager

Kodinna Anachebe, OID - Student

Michelle Rogers, Community Safety

Michelle Valentis, HR

Natalie Murphy, JBoard - Student

Robin Hardwick, RJ Coalition

Rowan Frost, SHARE

Steve Arkonovich, Faculty

Submitted by Robin Tovey.
Posted on Nov 19, 2020

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